Fstoppers' Brand New Video Editing Tutorial

Fstoppers is bringing you our first ever tutorial that deals with video rather than photos: "Intro to Premiere: A Video Editing Tutorial."

Fstoppers began when Lee Morris and Patrick Hall decided to create behind the scenes videos for photographers seeking to improve their skill set. Over the last eight years, they have worked on dozens of educational photography projects and spent countless hours editing down their footage into digestible videos for the Fstoppers community. This project passes the knowledge from all that work on to you.

As video has become more accessible to the average photographer, the demand for it has also increased. Almost every camera that shoots stills can now also shoot high quality video. If you already know the fundamentals of shooting stills, you're already equipped to shoot great-looking video as well. So, why aren't more photographers taking advantage of this? For many, avoiding video comes down to the problem of learning to edit their final product with a new piece of software. This tutorial seeks to fix that. 

"Intro to Premiere" condenses eight years of video editing experience into two easy hours of instruction that you can follow along with. By the end of this tutorial, you should be fully equipped to edit the kinds of videos we produce at Fstoppers on a day-to-day basis. To learn more about what the tutorial includes, check out the sales page

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You look so lonely in the ad picture Lee. Patrick should bring you some coffee and croissants to cheer you up ;-)

Patrick Hall's picture

Lee and coffee do not mix well! I don't know how he operates without it but with it, he's a jittery mess!