Fstoppers Instagram Hits 300K Followers, Here's the Top Posts and Other Analytics from Our Account

I'm happy to report that over this past week the Fstoppers Instagram account made it to an impressive 300,000 followers. Additionally, photo tags of #fstoppers broke the 100,000 mark on the social media app at almost exactly the same time. Want to see what images were most popular or the other analytical data pulled from an Instagram account this size? Let's have a look.

Last summer Instagram rolled out account analytics for its users. For the first time within the app, accounts could now see an overview of their best performing posts and other tidbits of information about their followers. After almost a year of racking up stats on the Fstoppers account, here they are.

Also, this will probably be obvious after I mention it, but the following lists heavily lean towards images that were more recently posted. Because the Fstoppers account is still steadily growing by about a thousand followers every few days, of course the more recent posts get more Instagram users looking at them compared to photos posted even just a few months ago. While all these photos are incredible, it shouldn't be interpreted as these being the best of the best images posted.

Top 9 Most Impressions (Plus Reach)

Impression counts are based on how many times a post has been seen, whether that be from scrolling by on a feed or in search, or actually tapping into from the profile page to take a closer peek. Unlike a post's "reach" which only counts unique accounts, a single account can count towards multiple impressions. I've listed both so that the difference can be shown.

  1. Felix Hernandez - "BTS Trip to my inner self" - 285,887 impressions and 257,361 reach
  2. Felix Hernandez - "Audi R8 BTS" - 172,204 impressions and 159,821 reach
  3. Fstoppers Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Lens Review- 114,032 impressions and 98,922 reach
  4. Maxim Guselnikov - "Tenderness" - 105,356 impressions and 85,818 reach
  5. Fstoppers Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 Lens Hands-On - 98,673 impressions and 84,617 reach
  6. Jack Coghlan - "Perspective" - 95,585 impressions and 77,789 reach
  7. John Dodson - "Sunrise, Dallas Divide, Colorado" - 91,409 impressions and 73,161 reach
  8. Jessica Drossin - "Rescue Dogs Rock" - 91,214 impressions and 72,255 reach
  9. Erik McRitchie - "Moraine Mood" - 89,411 impressions and 70,456 reach

Top 9 Most Liked

These are the posts that are worthy of the much appreciated double-tap. 

  1. Felix Hernandez - "BTS Trip to my inner self" - 13,102 likes
  2. John Dodson - "Sunrise, Dallas Divide, Colorado" - 10,659 likes
  3. Jack Coghlan - "Perspective" - 10,568 likes
  4. Jessica Drossin - "Rescue Dogs Rock" - 10,333 likes
  5. Vadim Sherbakov - "Milky way over Oia, Santorini" - 9,950 likes
  6. Graham Taylor - "Going Ballistic" - 9,572 likes
  7. Monica Lazăr - "My love won't fade away" - 9,461 likes
  8. Aaron Anderson - "Candy Dungan" - 8,936 likes
  9. Simeon Pratt - "Open Road" - 8,828 likes

Top 9 Most Saved

Instagram now allows users to save posts for later viewing. This is great for photographers who see something that might inspire them for a later shoot. Our most saved posts all have unique qualities in their lighting, post-processing, and execution, so it's no wonder Instagram users wanted to save them to come back to.

  1. Quentin Decaillet - 339 saves
  2. Nico Socha - "intense dedication" - 298 saves
  3. Mark Tiu - "Neon" - 241 saves
  4. Dariusz Golik - "Welding" - 227 saves
  5. Jack Coghlan - "Perspective" - 206 saves
  6. Martin Strauss - "Mono Lisa" - 198 saves
  7. Monica Lazăr - "My love won't fade away" - 196 saves
  8. Quentin Decaillet - 195 saves
  9. Nikita Tikka - "Wet look" - 183 saves

Other Information from Instagram Insights

The Instagram-supplied Insights aren't the most robust in terms of useful information, but in case you were really curious to see the age range, gender breakdown, and the locations of our followers, here they are below. At the time of writing, Instagram doesn't provide any long-term impression or reach data, instead they only let you know the current week's account-level stats and how much they varied from the previous week. With only that information to go on, I can say we receive around 1 million impressions with a reach of 130,000 weekly. The large discrepancy here is very likely because so many users pass over hundreds of images while doing searches for popular hashtags, which all count as an impression.

How Can I Get My Photo Featured?

I have just the article you're looking for right here.

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Side note: Thank you everyone in the Fstoppers Community for sharing your insanely talented work. I love getting to browse through the latest uploads and seeing so much creativity every day. It's safe to say the Fstoppers Instagram account truly is built upon our excellent Community of photographers we have here.

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Fascinating insight!

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that is great, we all should also thank you, Ryan, for making this happen to all those photographers featured.