How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Right Now UPDATE: This Sucks

How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Right Now UPDATE: This Sucks

Update: "Something happened". The day has finally come, Windows 10 is available to the public and if you currently have a computer with Windows 7 or 8 on it, you can get Windows 10 totally for free. Let me give you a few tips about upgrading your operating system and a few warnings.

I personally own 4 windows computers, 3 of them running windows 7 and 1 of them running windows 8 (which I've never really liked). I know that upgrading an operating system can cause problems and that is why I WILL NOT upgrade to Windows 10 on any of my main machines until our latest project is 100% complete. It's not worth risking months of work to upgrade to something that we really don't need. If you rely on your computer for your livelihood then I would suggest waiting at least a few weeks to install Windows 10. That being said, I do own 2 laptops that I rarely use for business and I am excited to install Windows 10 on them today. 

You may have noticed a small Windows logo in the bottom right of your screen that looks like this:

To upgrade Windows for free you can simply click on this icon and "reserve" your free copy by sending Microsoft your email address. Once you do this Windows will tell you to be patient and you will be alerted when you are able to install the update. This is extremely frustrating because you don't know if it will be ready in an hour or a week.

How to download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft without waiting

If you're like me and you don't want to wait, you can simply go directly to Microsoft's website and download the update directly here:

Clean install vs upgrade

I don't like upgrading my operating system. In fact, I usually do a clean install of Windows every year anyway for a fresh start. You might be tempted to skip the upgrade and wipe your entire hard drive and install Windows 10 fresh. In this particular case, you shouldn't do that. 

Windows 10 is free for those of us who already own Windows 7 or 8. If you upgrade, Microsoft will automatically use your current OS product key and generate you a new key for Windows 10. If you attempt a fresh install without first getting a Windows 10 key, you will actually have to buy it. If you upgrade first, Microsoft will associate a new license with your computer and then you can do a fresh install without having to spend any money. 

How to do a clean install

Once you've spent a ton of time upgrading your computer to Windows 10 to get your free license, you will then need to go back to this page and download the Windows 10 installer again and click “Create installation media for another PC.”

The Media creation tool will create an installer on a USB drive or DVD-R. You will then need to restart your computer and boot from the USB drive in the bios by pressing F1 or F12 (it will say when your computer first boots up). 

Follow the directions and choose "Custom: Install Windows Only." Choose the correct hard drive and click "format." THIS WILL DELETE EVERYTHING ON THIS DRIVE SO MAKE SURE YOU'VE BACKED IT UP. 

After a few minutes of formatting and installing you will have a computer with a fresh copy of Windows 10 on it. As I understand it, Windows will automatically know your license key for Windows 10 even after you have formatted your C: drive if you perform the instlal in this order. I am currently working through this process right now and I will report back soon with my results. 

Update: This shit doesn't work

While I was writing up this post I was personally walking through the steps to update one of my laptops to Windows 10. In classic Microsoft fashion, the update has failed in way that is so stereotypically "Windows" that it's hilarious and sad at the same time. 

When I first got back to my laptop there was an error on the screen that said: "We couldn't complete the updates, Undoing changes, Don't turn off your computer"

Typical Windows right? Well I figured I would just have to restart and try once more and it would work. NOPE! I went back to the download folder and tried to start the update process again. I recorded the process for your amusement. 

"Something happened????" Is this some sort of joke? Something happened? No it didn't. Actually, nothing happened. No matter how many times I click on the installer and Windows tells me that "something happened" nothing will actually happen. At this point I'm so pissed off I'm going to forget about this for a day and revisit tomorrow. Maybe I should swing by the Mac store. 

Update number 2

Tonight I went to dinner with my girlfriend and she said "you seem like you're in a bad mood." I realized that I was in a bad mood and I had to explain how frustrated I was with my Windows 10 update. When I got home I decided to give the update one more try on a completely separate laptop.

The update took a few hours but went totally smoothly. When I booted Windows 10 for the first time my screen resolution was way out of whack. Everything was ultra low res and stretched out. I tried changing the screen resolution but the current setting appeared to be correct and it didn't give me any other options anyway. I started looking for display driver updates. 30 minutes into my search, SNAP! My desktop became "normal" again. I have no clue what happened but I assume Windows automatically downloaded some sort of update for me.

I started using Chrome and everything did appear to be working but it also seemed a bit slower than normal. I then switched over to Microsoft's new Edge browser and noticed that my 2 finger scrolling didn't work (although it does work in Chrome). I then figured out that 2 finger scrolling doesn't work anywhere in Windows.

I clicked on the start menu and the entire thing started glitching out. Mousing over one program would make another option or program appear above it and start blinking. Moving my mouse around then started to "paint in" other tabs of the start menu. It felt like Windows 98 all over again.

Now this is hardly a full review. I've used Windows 10 for about 20 minutes now but so far nothing is going smoothly for me, especially with so many glowing reviews out there. Tomorrow I'll give you another update but until then, I cannot suggest anyone upgrade to Windows 10 at this point, especially with a work computer.

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Justin Haugen's picture

Awaiting the impending and incredibly boring Mac versus Windows discussion.

Looking forward to trying out Windows 10 after the sure to follow bug fixes, security patches, and driver support.

Well I had high hopes.... And my hopes have been shattered

Marco Wagner's picture

I bet you didn't have to wait long before fanbois came out of their grandma's den.

Michael Kormos's picture

No discussion to be had! No such issues with Macs everysince I switched to them 10 years ago.

Justin Haugen's picture

I live in a windows and mac friendly household. No issues either.

Justin Haugen's picture

wait, I lied. The mac has a logic board that needs to be replaced. Whoopsie

Pfff, Windows. The last good OS was Snow Leopard on mac and XP on PC, no mac or PC OS will ever be as good again I fear.

michael buehrle's picture

true. why do they always mess up a good thing ?

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Almost agree, I think Win7SP1 is the best windows (if you can talk about MS products this way ;) ).

Tam Nguyen's picture



Something. Happened.

No really it did!

Bryan Dockett's picture

That's too bad my entire upgrade took about 15-20mins zero insure. Curious, what are you downloading in Chrome?

Bryan Dockett's picture

oh never mind.... readers are leaders

Anthony DeLaurentis's picture

Same thing happened to me. What worked was loading that little program on another windows machine, and choosing the option to create media (iso file) for windows 10. Follow the wizard, creates an iso file, and even will open burning software after it completes and will create an installation CD. The program also gives you the option to create an installation USB stick. Either way, worked for me by doing it that way.

Kyle Ford's picture

This review is what got me so excited about Windows 10!

Kyle Ford's picture

Yea, I'm getting a push from Admin to upgrade our 40 or so PCs here to 10... Mmmmm Nope. Not until the first SP at least.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Is your "Admin" involved in IT anyhow? It is bad practice to implement updates without testing, not talking about deploying (beta) OS.

Kyle Ford's picture

No which is why they get told no.

Daris Fox's picture

It amazes me at how many people still think there's going to be a service pack, MS has stated several times over the last few months. There's No Service Pack, they have moved to AGILE development of continuous updates and upgrades to improve the system just like many other companies.

Kyle Ford's picture

Well then waiting 6 months for a large amount of steady updates to have been rolled out, so the kinks are ironed out before site wide deployment.

David Vaughn's picture

I don't understand why anyone would update from Windows 7.

Well I'm starting to feel the same way

Ariel Martini's picture

The biggest practical difference from windows 7 to 8/10 is that you can use apps from Windows Store. So far i havent found anything useful from there, but soon everyone will change their deployment method from download installer/install to windows store.

Marco Wagner's picture

Gamers have to update every time due to DirectX compatibility with newly released games. Wanna play the latest game in full visual glory? Run the latest windows.

Daniel Lee's picture

Quite a few gamers who had installed the trial versions of W10 reported better performance and more fps using W10. I'll be upgrading once I download the ISO (which will take ages since my connection is only 2.1mbs).

David Vaughn's picture

But DirectX 12 isn't even widely used by anyone yet, since it was just released with Windows 10. All current games are "bottlenecked" at DirectX 11, which Windows 7 supports.

Windows 8 is a pretty frivolous update as Windows tried to create a viable OS for its tablets, and the features in Windows 10 aren't standardized yet, so I just don't see why anyone would update unless they HAVE to.

Njoi Fontes's picture

I can't see why anyone would not update.... windows 10 is much faster, more secure and has quite a few features that make it better than windows 7 (cortana, snap view, action center, the built in mail app, live tiles are awesome for information at a glance, etc)

David Vaughn's picture

Well, all the issues people are having would be one thing. I would prefer not to risk that as an early adopter of the OS. Plus, was anybody really saying "Man, I wish I had a Siri for my desktop."

Not to mention the questionable stance that Windows has taken on the privacy of those who upgrade to Windows 10.

Nothing Windows has added since XP is anything that is fundamental to operating a computer.

On their Facebook there was a post that was like "The start menu is back!" Like we should be applauding them for adding back a feature that should never even have left into the vanilla version of their new OS.

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