More Hilarious Stories From Ritz Camera

Warning: For entertainment purposes only.

Patrick and I have filmed multiple episodes of the "Ritz Camera Chronicles," where we tell stories about working as poor sales associates for the horribly run camera store chain Ritz Camera. Some of our episodes are photography and print related, but this one really isn't. In this episode, I buy 85 calculators from Ritz Camera for 85 cents and am almost caught by my district manager. Was I doing something wrong? I'm not exactly sure. It seems like I should be able to buy as many products as I want, especially if I was leaving the items behind, but when I saw the manager, I certainly expected to be fired. Luckily, he only cared about our "ESP numbers."

I dodge getting fired this time, but soon, in an upcoming episode, I will reveal the most incredible story of how I was fired from Ritz and banned from the property. 

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Deleted Account's picture

What happened to the funky out of shot Mic setup?

Funny background story for editing evening though ;)

Lee Morris's picture

We were just testing out these new mics. This isn't a permanent setup. The shotguns didn't sound as good as the lavs because of reverberation in the room so we went back to lavs.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Tram TR50 lav mics are probably the best there is...

Quiet as a mouse who's job it is to be very quiet in a quiet room... A nice presence peak to give a slight edge. Easy to hide under clothing. Lots of level. Very quiet cable for low handling noise.

Been using these things for 20+ years in broadcast and they're one of the standards in high end film production.

Gun mics will always pick up a little room ambience because of the small behind-mic pickup pattern. One of the tricks is not to angle them directly at the talent. A smooth fall-off mic such as the Sennheiser MKH-60 works great when you place the talent just inside the pickup pattern and the mic will usually point slightly downwards away from the mouth - which means it isn't picking up ambience from behind the person and also only picking up additional sound from soft areas, (talent's legs and carpet).

I've never quite understood the need to have big mics in shot on internet stuff. We get amazing and close sound in broadcast with simpler and out-of-sight mic techniques. Get some Trams and never go back... :)

Guy Incognito's picture

When I first saw the original video in this series uploaded I thought I wouldn't be interested (I am in Australia and had never even heard of this company) but I gave it a go and glad I did.

Looking forward to the episode which tells us the story of your firing and banning from the property, Lee. :)

Lee Morris's picture

Ya this stuff doesn’t really have to do with Ritz. Just hilarious stories about poorly run company and the situations idiots like us get into.

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Beavis and Butthead incarnate. The only thing missing is the Metallica and AC DC t-shirts. Keep it up guys. You’re teaching a clinic on lifestyle design.

Jim Cutler's picture

Lee when will we hear about the arrest story? Don't tell it if you don't want to. You mentioned it and I'm enjoying this series :) Working for a company sucks for all the reasons you guys mentioned. I work for myself but so connect to the stories. So similar to mine.

Lee Morris's picture

I reached out to another sales associate who was part of the event that I was fired over. I am flying him to Puerto Rico so that he can be a part of thE epic story. It will be a few weeks from now.

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I was working part time with my buddy Jim at the store in a mall in Cary, NC. The holidays were always crazy busy. It was near Christmas. I was tired. I went to lunch at a restaurant. I ordered a screwdriver and hamburger. It was busy so I ordered a second screwdriver. When the hamburger came I ordered a third screwdriver. When I finally went back to work I was giving away batteries and film with every camera purchase like there was no tomorrow. Sometimes I included a camera bag. Jim dubbed it "The Don Deal". The customers waited until I could wait on them. It was a hell of day......

Lee Morris's picture

Hah did you have authority to do this??

Don Payne's picture

Of course, the Holiday Screwdriver authority..

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These are great.

Owain Shaw's picture

Another person really enjoying this series despite having no real experience of Ritz camera. The stories are very relatable for anyone who worked retail as a young adult with a few smarts or wit, I imagine, as a few friends had stories similar to mine which are similar to yours.

Likewise, a few years after I stopped working for one particular chain of stores it was no surprise to read in the news that the company had been cooking the books for years, and was actually now very close to entering administration after the fraud had been revealed and shareholders had lost confidence.

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