Nikon's Shutter Shading Issue Might Be the Best Thing to Happen to D750 Owners

Nikon's Shutter Shading Issue Might Be the Best Thing to Happen to D750 Owners

While the shutter shading issues of the D750 don't plague every body, Nikon's recent service advisory (i.e., recall) does apply to quite a few of them. Many might groan at the thought of sending in their workhorse or even backup D750s, but the truth is that this may be a huge blessing in disguise.

When I heard the news and checked my serial number after the recent expansion of the D750 recall, I began boxing it up the moment it came back as "affected." I threw my NPS number on the front of the paperwork and requested expedited service, and just last night UPS left it on my building's doorstep (outside the gate, but that's a separate issue).

What I didn't do was ask what the fix was. I didn't have the time during the week then, but I took a moment today to call Nikon and ask what they did. The representative on the phone told me they replaced the entire shutter mechanism: new shutter. This isn't something that can be fixed by tweaking something or adding some tape. I have a brand-spanking-new shutter in my camera — a body that I bought right when this came out.

So, for those that are affected, this comes at a perfect time. While some affected bodies aren't as old, many are starting to get well into the realm of high-mileage. And today, a good chunk of the D750 owners out there can start fresh with a new shutter, clean sensor, and full system checkup with round-trip postage all at no cost.

I'm not saying we should all pray for or thank Nikon for manufacturing issues (and it certainly hurts Nikon, which I'd love to support and keep in business as much as the next brand), but all of a sudden, waiting a week for your camera to get back doesn't sound so bad. You might just want to take advantage. You can check your serial number and get service here.

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Finally! Someone optimistic.
Tired of everyone just ranting about the issue. I'm just glad Nikon claims the problem and addresses it.

As Always - Only in Selected countries. My cameras are in affected list, by my Nikon service won't do that.

I also appreciate your positive spin on this. You have given me a glimmer of hope to get through the inevitable withdrawals of my impending CSA (camera separation anxiety).

I knew Nikon would replace the entire shutter mechanism to fix the issue and I was planning on using the shutter a bit more before sending it in for repair.
As far as I know, there's no time limit to send the camera back for repair, and honestly, never once this problem showed up for me after about 25k shots, so I'll probably keep going before getting a free "rejuvenation"

Thank you for this article. I found out mine is affected and am sending it out to Nikon today. Can't wait to get her back all clean and shiny. Thankfully this problem did not materialize for me and that Nikon is taking care of it for us.

Just out of curiosity, at what shutter count do you guys consider dumping a camera for a new one? I've read that they're supposed to be good for 100k, but I was wondering at what others consider is a good point to consider selling. I'm a little over 25k now, so I'm not too worried about it.

I think it really depends more on the overall wear of the body. Aside from cosmetic issues or buttons/dials starting to come off in more extreme cases, the shutter is the only thing that wears a lot over time (assuming the sensor stays true and doesn't start showing too many dead pixels). To that end, you could easily just have the shutter replaced and have a great camera ready to function for another 100-200k frames. I believe the D750's average is rated at 150k.

But shutter replacements are part of routine maintenance that people do from time to time to extend the life of their gear (of course, some people shoot 150k every few months and not years...depends on your situation).

My D750 is at 165 300 at the moment, still alive and kicking!
Hopefully I will get a new shutter and it will be good for a fair few years.

Did they reset the shutter count ??

I haven't looked into this yet. I will check soon and report back, though.

Unfortunately, they did not, it seems. But I suppose in this case it's more like a car getting a new engine: there are other parts in there for which counting mileage from Day 1 still makes sense.

I admire the optimistic approach. However the reality is a huge smack on Nikons face. It's not right that they ask for a recall no matter the benefits are.
It's simply a company failure which I really feel sorry and pity for Nikon.

But over the top aye. Big deal. I have it the issue and its so intermittent I'm not going to bother sending mine in. its balanced by the roaring success of the D500 which no other camera company has even come close too. Company failure ? dont think so.

I get it once in a blue moon , it actually goes away when I out a fully charged battery in it,.

This is what a grown up camera company does to support their customers when there is a problem. Sony would never do this. It's why I am loyal to Nikon.

I honestly know nothing about this, but you think if Sony had a major shutter issue, they wouldn't fix it? Just curious why you say that. Maybe, but again, I just wouldn't know... But I would imagine the outrage (and eventual lawsuit) would be ridiculous if that were the case.

My D750 is exhibiting this problem but unfortunately it's serial number is not part of the recall.

I would still get in touch with Nikon. You never know... Send them some samples. I'm sure all of the people included in the last two expansions of the recall thought the same thing until today.

Hi Jim, what produced date of your D750? Is it in 2017? If yes, future D750 may still be possible to have that shutter issue.

I like your positive thinking yo. In a world a negativity this is pretty nice.

I just like to keep it realistic. Is it unfortunate that companies can't produce perfect products all the time without any error? Sure. But that's life. And in this case, at least the company is taking care of it...and it really could be a good thing...

I filled out the service advisory page and was sent a digital shipping label. I wasn't assigned a service number or RMA number however. I have no way of tracking the progress of this repair. Is this normal? Thanks!

Literally the moment I hit enter on this Nikon emailed me with a service number hahaha

Haha. Well that works. Glad you got it. But for the record, it's pretty normal to not hear about the status of a repair. You may hear it was received and all that, but then you'll just have it sent back to you and you'll come home to it one day...

I am very sorry to say I am very disappointed with the service provided by Nikon USA. Like Adam, I sent my D750 body to Nikon as soon as I heard about the shutter shading recall, about a month ago and am still awaiting its return. On calling their customer service I was informed that they did not have any idea when the parts would arrive. I posted another enquiry two weeks ago through their website. A week later they replied saying that the parts would arrive on 8/22 and the repairs would begin 'soon after'. I have posted another enquiry 3 days ago, and have not received any answer. Meanwhile their tracking link still shows "Parts Hold". I cannot express how frustrated I am . Please can anyone help with any information how this matter can be escalated?

I'm sorry to hear anyone at all is having trouble, but I know it happens. I used my NPS number to get expedited service. I'm sure that and having sent it out right away (and shipping only takes a day since I'm in LA already) helped a lot. One time I send a 70-200 in, though, and it took 6 weeks with similar "waiting on parts" stories. They even got parts in, but literally didn't send enough of the screws they needed, leading to another week-long delay. It was insane, but Nikon significantly reduced the price of the repair. With this, I'm not sure they'll do much since it's a free warranty repair. Hmmm. Sorry....

Another call to Nikon result. This time they denied they said the parts would arrive on 8!/22 (which I have in writing in an email) No response to emails. I am tempted to ask them to return the camera body. Disgusted !!!

Ugh - was looking for someone else with similar timing on the repair submission but was hoping for a bright and cheery response. The Nikon Service Web Site essentially tells me "We received your camera and agree that we will fix it", but nothing beyond that. What route have you had the best luck with in getting in touch with someone (even though the net result has not played out)?