Use Your Lightroom Presets in Photoshop With Preset Brewery

Let’s face it, many photographers these days utilize Lightroom presets to either expedite their workflow or to help spur creativity when they are in a rut. But have you ever wanted to use a Lightroom preset as a layer in Photoshop, or potentially layer two presets together? Well look no further,  Preset Brewery by Adam Bardon makes life easy with a click of a button.

Preset Brewery brings functionality that I’ve wanted for the Adobe Suite for quite some time in two ways. One, I've wanted the ability to adjust the strengths of my presets, which is done by quickly duplicating the background layer then applying the preset by navigating to Filter > Camera Raw Filter, selecting the right most tab which looks like sliders, then apply the preset of your choice to the new layer. Now I adjust the opacity of the new layer to help achieve the look I’m aiming for.

Two, ability to combine two presets into one in Photoshop. Simply create two new background layers, adding the presets you’d like to use in the Camera Raw presets tab, then adjust the opacity of each to your liking. Simple enough.

With the release of Preset Brewery version 1.1 recently users now have the ability to export directly into the Camera Raw presets folder from the app, which is a welcome addition to the tool. Users can adjust the save location as well if they aren’t necessarily wanting the new .XMP file the app makes to go directly into the Camera Raw setting directory.

If you’d like to save yourself some time while adding your Lightroom presets into Adobe Raw for use in Photoshop navigate on your Mac to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom to find your presets. Copy the presets you’d like to add into Adobe Raw and paste into a few folder on your desktop. Make sure not to cut and paste. Now simply use the app the convert those presets (.lrtemplate files) into .XMP files and let Preset Brewery add the new file into the proper directory for immediate use in Photoshop. Sorry Windows users, Preset Brewery is currently only available for Mac.

I spoke with Bardon, and in an upcoming release, users will have the ability to batch process presets versus having to convert them one at a time. Also, Bardon has offered a discount of 37 percent off for a limited time to Fstoppers readers. Use FSTOPPERS37 in the next two weeks to receive this handy app for $4.98.

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Hans Rosemond's picture

Well, that’s awesome. If I still used Lightroom I’d be all about it.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Definitely getting this!! I've spent days making Lightroom presets but still individually edit in photoshop, I had no idea you could do this.

Adam Bardon's picture

Hi there! (developer here^^)
Feel free to ask any questions or suggest any more features.

Tasos Anestis's picture

hi Adam,this is only for mac right?

Adam Bardon's picture

Hi Tasos, indeed it is. However many people have asked me for Windows version, so maybe somewhere in the future... ;)

If you are looking for a Win and Mac version of a tool that can do both xmp to lrtemplate and vice versa, head here:

antti karppinen's picture

Definitely makes it easier than my method. I open up the image with preset as smartobject from lightroom and then just save the Camera RAW preset from there. Check the vid:

antti karppinen's picture

but it is freee :D

Adam Bardon's picture

The reason I made this app is because I don't have a Lightroom, but I still want to be able use Lightroom presets.

A big issue with many users who have many LR presets, is the inability to use folders in Camera Raw. You then have a very long list of .xmp files to try to find the one you want...

Deleted Account's picture

As I am not a mac user won't be trying it out. Also as I have a subscription to creative cloud not sure it is needed and I do wonder how many people have standalone photoshop. If it worked with elements then I could see a possible use for people who use that as their photo editor.

If you are looking for a Win and Mac version of a tool that can do both xmp to lrtemplate and vice versa, head here:

Only for Mac?

Adam Bardon's picture

Currently yes, Windows version maybe in future.

If you are looking for a Win and Mac version of a tool that can do both xmp to lrtemplate and vice versa, head here:

Eric Mazzone's picture

So are these usable in photoshop or are they camera raw only?

Adam Bardon's picture

The app converts .lrtemplate to .xmp, which is Camera Raw's file extension for presets. If you have a Photoshop, you can install Camera Raw plugin and therefor use them.

Deacon Blues's picture

> Sorry Windows users, Preset Brewery is currently only available for Mac.

This belongs at the start of an article, not the end.

Albert Stewart's picture

Exactly what I was thinking.

How do I download Preset Brewery v1.2. I have a paid for v1.1.1. Hopefully I don't have to pay for it again to get the updated version?

Adam Bardon's picture

Hi, there's certainly no need to pay again for the updated version. You can update from the menu.