We're Building the New Fstoppers Studio in Puerto Rico

Just a couple months ago Patrick and I made the last minute decision to move to Puerto Rico. We've rented a giant house to live and work in and we will be sharing the process of turning this empty home into the new Fstoppers Studio. 

You probably have a lot of questions about why we moved to Puerto Rico and what it's like actually living here. Tomorrow we will release a new video that should answer everyone's questions but in this video we wanted to give everyone an idea of what our new "office" looked like before we started the renovation. For the next few months we will be building sets, furnishing the house, networking every room, building new PCs, and reviewing a massive amount of new gear. Although the house is quite large, our shooting spaces are not, and we will be sharing how we deal production issues like lighting in tight rooms with low ceilings and managing the crazy echo in a concrete structure. 

If you've ever considered building a photo or video studio in your house, you're going to love the content that we produce over the next few months. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned for all of our new content. 

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Eric Snyder's picture

YES!! Congratulations guys!

Eric Ventress's picture

I’m putting together a makeshift studio to bide my time until I can get my garage fixed up and cleared out to turn *that* into the real studio. I eagerly await all the articles. :)

Rob Waller's picture

Wow. Great property with loads of potential, but those views... will you ever get any work done?

Lee Morris's picture

we're trying ;)

Gary WWU85's picture

that is not a "giant house"!! It is a castle!!! Look forward to watch your progress. Have fun!!

George Popescu's picture

Excellent choice, the house looks phenomenal, can't wait to see the new content shot there.

Ariel Martini's picture

"For the next few months we will be building sets, furnishing the house, networking every room, building new PCs..."

After 4 months a new video: Piña Colada in the beach livestream

David Pavlich's picture

I lived on the west coast of Florida for 7 years and then spent a little over 20 years in New Orleans. The one hitch in all that is hurricane season. I hope you've found a SOLID piece of property and plan to have very good insurance. You're in the middle of a very busy hurricane track there.

Oli Aponte's picture

as a PR local, this is very sound advice.. Invest in a generator, insure everything

Patrick Hall's picture

We talk about this in our latest youtube video. Hurricanes this far south are actually fairly rare. Most tropical storms turn into hurricanes much closer to Florida before going into the gulf or up the east coast. Florida and SC get hit WAY more with strong hurricanes than Puerto Rico does so I believe we are actually moving to a safer area. The house we are renting also has a full generator and has already withstood Maria which hit at or near a cat 5 (and the eye hit this house directly).

House looks nice. But does it have two card slots?

moving to PR to do wedding photography there? does the public there have money to pay thousands of dollars for photographers? theres got to be some hardships to come in as a non native person shooting weddings there,
I know in my country that any foreigner coming in to do weddings will not succeed, no matter how high a level.
just curious and thinking out loud.

Oli Aponte's picture

PR local here... There's plenty of high paying destination weddings here in PR.. if you want to break into the scene, you just have to meet the right people, wedding coordinators, and hotel personnel that deal with destination weddings.. that sort of stuff.

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

Unless I'm mistaken, Lee and Patrick haven't photographed a wedding in quite a few years. Fstoppers (specifically, making the tutorials) is their business.

I could be wrong, but I thought that's what they said a long time ago.

Oli Aponte's picture

As much as I frequent this page.. I have no idea what kind of business Lee and Patrick run/have/do (I mainly read articles that interest me, or reviews.. I've never bought or seen one of their tutorials), I was merely replying to OP's question about money and the wedding industry in PR. If making tutorials is their business.. I'm really curious to know why move to PR.. heck, I want to move out of PR.. then again, I know PR has quite a few legal tax loopholes... all of which dont apply to my tax bracket

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

I was replying to the OP, as well.

They just put an hour-ish video on their YouTube channel about the move. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m guessing they go into the why in that video.

Patrick Hall's picture

We haven't shot weddings the last 2-3 years now but we still do photography. We won't be taking any jobs away from anyone working here because we are primarily focusing on Fstoppers at this point. That being said, we do know some photographers who are living in PR who fly back to the states for bigger commercial jobs and they don't have an issue with living out here. You just have an extra connection getting to and from your final destination.

Daniel Medley's picture

To clarify, PR is part of the U.S.;not a different country.

maybe on map. but its a COMPLETELY different world culture and people and economics. there isnt a gram of america in there in their culture.

I'd invest in a couple of power generators and stock up on fuel.

John Dawson's picture

Congrats, but from you've gone from the hurricane suburbs to the red light district. 🤔

Patrick Hall's picture

Actually it's the opposite. The Southeast of the US gets hit with way more hurricanes than PR. Most storms don't even get up to Cat 2 winds until after they have passed these southern islands.

Jeffrey Chiang's picture

WOW! welcome to the caribbean!! we´ll be neighbors!!! God bless!!!

Tony Northrup's picture

Y'all have an extra pull-out couch in there? 😉

Patrick Hall's picture

Of course! Did I hear your wife is from here?

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