The Winner For The Fstoppers Workshops Announced Below | PRO EDU

Last week we announced a contest for an all access pass to PRO EDU's workshops down in the Bahamas this year with the Fstoppers & Rob Grimm. Thanks to everyone that entered the contest sponsored by Black Rapid, ROSCO, and Resolution Rentals. Below are the winners!

1st Place: Fielder Strain - All Access Pass To Rob Grimm's Class
2nd Place: Marloes Lucy Duizer - All Access Pass To Rob Grimm's Class
3rd Place: 
Austin Burke - CrossShot from Black Rapid, Flash Packs from ROSCO, Gift Certificate to Resolution Rentals & $500 off with the booking of both workshops of PRO EDU.

Winners please e-mail me directly at

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Austin Burke's picture

I sent an email but never got a response, did you ever receive my email? Thank you

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