Baseball Legend Ken Griffey Jr. Now Photographing NFL Games from the Sidelines

Baseball Legend Ken Griffey Jr. Now Photographing NFL Games from the Sidelines

Retirement for some legendary athletes means sitting back, relaxing, and continuing to build upon the fortunes you made as a professional ball player with more sponsorships and commercial deals. For others it's about finding a passion that moves you to get out there and really making a new name for yourself. That passion for baseball star Ken Griffey Jr. is photography, just like you and I.

Griffey Jr. played professional baseball for 22 years, growing his name and stats to heights no other athlete has ever seen. His 630 home runs rank in the top-six most in MLB history. Signing a nine year $116.5 million contract in February 2000, it was no shock this guy could play ball and make money doing it. It's humbling to see professional athletes, some of which we look up to as higher than all other people, getting down to their core values of doing something they love. Griffey Jr. has more than enough reason to shoot sports though, as in the images shown here he was photographing the Boise State versus Arizona game, where his son Trey Griffey played wide receiver for the Arizona Wildcats. He was also spotted shooting a Green Bay Packers game. And in case you were wondering, he shoots Nikon.

To check out more of Ken Griffey Jr.'s work be sure to check out his Instagram feed.

Cover image by Matt York.

[via Sports Illustrated]

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I couldn't help but laugh during the game, one of the broadcast cameras zoomed on him and caught him chimping.

you're saying you've never looked at the back of your camera? right...

It was more of a joke. It was just funny to watch.

I didn't get the joke. I didn't even know what you meant by the word "chimping" until Jayson explained what it was. Now that I know what that word means, I still don't get the joke. What,s funny about checking your LCD on the camera??

Big boy lens.

i mean if I was stupid rich i would wanna shoot sports too, you get the best seat in the house

Agreed, though my "clients" would always ask why I wanted to shoot Colts games.

I saw Randy Johnson at the Imaging Conference last January. I can't help but wonder how distracting it must be to see the Big Unit taking photos at the events he shoots. Hard to miss a 6'10" photographer lol

Ironic thing is I have read stories of him being terrible to photographers when he was an athlete.

Signed up here just to say that Griffey actually threatened one of the photographers on the sidelines in the Fiesta Bowl. Griffey was also next to me on the sidelines when a Fiesta Bowl photo marshal was asking why he didn't have a vest on and why he didn't have his credential in plain sight. He simply replied "Do you know who I am?"

I can see his creds hanging off his belt loop in the first picture but stuffing your vest in your pocket doesn't count as wearing it.

Yeah. He was 'shooting' for ESPN and had their vest on which is different than the bowl gives out, but nevertheless sideline control is quite tight. Fun fact: The name on his credential was "George Griffey."

My common reply to that question is "no, so if you don't know who you are I can't help you." lol.

dam joe. that's harsh. i agree that he is only there because of who he is and if i had that kind of scratch i would be standing right there next to him. he does not have on a vest so you know he does not shoot for anyone so your job is safe for now.

I have also heard from a good source that he can be a pain on the sidelines. AS a WORKING PROFESSIONAL, i surely hope he acts like a pro if he is on the sidelines and in my workspace. I dont care how big or WHO he is, he better act as a pro when credentialed at a game. There are far too many people on the sidelines as it is. Sure, buy a 400 and play if you want, but the moment he messes up my shot is when it will hit the fan...........

I' pretty sure he has more connection to get you out of the circuit than you can name ways to get back at him.

The sad thing is, he has money and connections. He can do what he wants... :s

So Ken Griffey Jr is joining Drew Carey on the sidelines. To bad it is not Leonard Nimoy he be interesting to talk too. If we are going to get more celebrities on the sidelines I wouldn't mind Gina Carano and Koda Kumi.