Breaking Down the Visual Effects of Brett Ratner's "Hercules"

Earlier this summer we saw the release of Brett Ratner's "Hercules". The movie was a mild success despite critics' anticipations. Recently Milk VFX and Double Negative VFX houses have both released breakdowns of how they created the visual effects for the movie. Mike Seymour of Wired walks you through a detailed featurette on how Double Negative created the numerous creature effects for the film. In the second breakdown we get to see how Milk expanded the world in the movie with set expansions, matte paintings and other special effect touches.

Did you catch "Hercules" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? What did you think of the special effects? Let us know in the comments below. See an awesome visual effects breakdown video or tutorial? Send it in and we might feature it here on Fstoppers. 

Via: Wired and Milk VFX

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Connor Katz's picture

Its cool that you guys are covering CG. More and more the line between Photography and CG is disappearing. Its all about executing your idea, how you assemble those pixels to create your image is largely irrelevant.