Buy A Nikon D7000 Get A $450 Epson R1900 Free


We usually don't post good deals on the front page of FS but this is one of the best deals I have seen. Right now, if you buy a Nikon D7000 body (it literally just started shipping a couple days ago) and an Epson R1900 photo printer, you will get a $450 rebate, which is the full cost of the printer. Deals like this do pop up but never with a camera this new.

I just got a chance to play with the D7000 at the photo Expo in NYC and the ISO performance is up there with the D3 and it has more mega-pixels and it shoots 1080p video and you get all of that for just $1100. If you needed an excuse to buy this camera, you're welcome. Details at BH here.

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And FYI, this expires tomorrow so you have to buy it by 12am tomorrow night.

Fine print of the rebate form says that the items must be bought AND DELIVERED by 10/31. Seeing as how the D7000 is back-ordered, very few of us will get the chance to take advantage of this deal. ;-(

I have never heard of a rebate like this before. How would they even know when it was delivered? Perhaps you have to mail off the rebate by the 31st?

I just got a similar deal on a 7D and a Pro9000 printer and I actually received the camera and printer almost a month after the rebate expired but it still worked.

Here is a quote from their rebate page "Products must
be purchased between 10/1/10 and 10/31/10. Claims must be postmarked within 30 days from the date of purchase."

All you have to do is fill out the form they give you and attach the receipt and the UPCs. I don't see anything about proving the delivery date.

Just called BHphoto to order the D7000 with the printer but the salesman told me that the D7000 can not be purchased because on backorder and all I could do was put it on my wishlist and they can call me when its available. So this rebate will not work with D7000!

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oh wait there it is! lol

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I'm guessing you have to have been billed for the purchase which means it won't be good if BH is out of stock of the cameras. I'm sure there will be some other good deals in the next month or two with Christmas coming soon. We will keep you posted

Just want to put it out there than there's a similar deal going on at Newegg with Canon's 60D and the Pro9000 MkII. Get both the camera ($1100 body only, or $1300 with EF-S 18-135mm lens) and the printer ($460) and they give you a $400 rebate. B&H has the same thing but with different prices ($1100 for body only camera, $1400 for camera w/lens, and $420 for the printer). Both deals go until the end of the year.

That just makes me more annoyed at the standard transatlantic price boost that always seems to happen. Over here in the UK a D7000 will set you back £1100, which works out at $1765!

Why don't they do offers like this in the UK :(

Offer extended until 12/31/2010

Rebates suck.
It's like playing the lottery.
Your chances of actually getting most rebates are slim.