Fstoppers.com Is Hiring More Staff For 2012

We're looking to hire several creative professionals to work for Fstoppers.com. If you enjoy our site and think that you may have something to offer please send us a message. The only prerequisite is that you are at least a part time professional photographer or videographer. If you have any writing experience that is a plus but not required. We have a lot of positions available but we are also open to new ideas if you have suggestions.

If you're interested in writing for us, send us an email with a link to your portfolio at contactfstoppers@gmail.com and write "Fstoppers Job Opening" in the subject line. Include a few sentences about yourself and how you can contribute to the Fstoppers team. Please do not send us a resume.

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Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Oh Hell yea! Does one have to be in your hometown? 

José Luis Escobedo's picture

Do you need US located people, or it can be from somewhere else?

jojo mamangun's picture

ditto @José

Lauren Jonas's picture

It is open to anyone, living anywhere! 

Wilfredo's picture

that's great news as I live in the SF Bay Area.

Lauren, you might also need an editor. "We’re looking to hire several creative professional to work for Fstoppers.com" should read "We’re looking to hire several creative professionals to work for Fstoppers.com."

I'd be happy to oblige.

I'm sure you're hired, dude.  Great delivery on your "help."

I love you too Chris. By the way, your first sentence doesn't require a comma. Cheers!

Lauren Jonas's picture

Thanks for pointing that out!

Noam Galai's picture

I cant tell you how much i respect the "Please do not send us a resume" part! resume to the ground...

Michael Pravin Lonelyhound's picture

Open for anyone ? Anywhere ? Around the world 

Lauren Jonas's picture

yes! Send us an email if you're interested. 

Done and done! This post couldn't have happened at a better time in my life :)

Wilfredo's picture

agreed! good luck Mark!

Thomas Ingersoll's picture

when does this job offer close, and will you contact the person through the email in which they sent

Wilfredo's picture

just throw my hat on the deck! this is exciting! :)

Martin Booth's picture

Damn, this would be awesome, but I'm just not producing enough right now with all the Earthquakes in Christchurch. Had to slow the photo work for the day job :(

Can you put a definition around "part time"? Thanks!

like 20 mins a day...part time enough :)

Awesome. Great announcement guys. I am sure that with this move you'll make this project even greater.