Gigapixel Image Of Mt. Everest And The Khumbu Glacier

Gigapixel Image Of Mt. Everest And The Khumbu Glacier

Created by David Breashears this past spring, this gigapixel image shows some incredible detail of the Everest and Khumbu areas. If you look in the lower center, you can see the sprawl of Everest base camp, with the Khumbu Glacier icefall curving from just above the basecamp up towards the mountains. Apart from being visually stunning, images like these could prove useful for expedition planning, given their immense detail. Via GlacierWorks.

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Holycrap!  Ok, so at first glance, for some reason, the mountain looked "small"... Not sure what it is about it but I'm guessing there wasn't anything at first glance to show scale.  Then I saw the base camps and my brain shot out of my ears!  Thanks for making me kill an our out of my work day looking at every pixel.  =)

Awesomeness exponentialized!  

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That's truly incredible, awesome shot and I love the resolution!

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This is just awesome.

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Nice picture, it looks like a scale model or a miniature because there is nothing in the foreground to scale the dimensions.