How Would You Like to Receive Updates from Fstoppers?

How Would You Like to Receive Updates from Fstoppers?

A major part of the driving force behind what we share is based in not over-sharing. We have never wanted to overstay our welcome, which is why we don't have an email list. That said, we have been receiving a lot of feedback from readers that they aren't getting any updates from us. Though we continue to let you know of new stories on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we're wondering: how do you want to receive updates from us?

This question is mainly steeped in the fact most of you don't receive updates from our Facebook page anymore. Even if you like us, unless you go out of your way to ask Facebook to always display posts from us, odds are you haven't seen an update in quite some time.

So we want to ask... what would be your preferred method to get news from us daily? You can select more than one answer.

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RSS (feedly)

Jaron Schneider's picture

You can add our RSS any time Andre. Do you currently?

Yes, I do, indeed ;-) RSS is not in the list... Feedly works great for quickly reading the articles and even better for sending interesting articles to Evernote for reading later.

Burt Johnson's picture

I use RSS feed, which works fine.

Following most sites (like fstoppers) via RSS, sharing the most via G+. So the current solution is perfectly fine for me.


Android App :) Do you need one?

Vladimir Ladev's picture

Via Pigeon please!


I use bloglovin, works great


I'm not opposed to an email list as long as its something you wanted to receive rather than were forced to

I am so tired of photo related pages posting so much news about new product releases.. I want to hear about photography, not new products..

I use RSS, Feedly. Best way I don't miss a thing.


OS X pushes.

Daniel Pryce's picture

OS X pushes or a Widget for Mac OS

Instagram. I use IG on a daily--hourly basis. I get a decent amount of business from IG alone. I'm small time. Fstoppers being on a larger scale could greatly benefit from this.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Sadly links don't work on Instagram. Would it suffice to just show you content?

I think that'd suffice. Even if it was something like a photo of a lens and the description said "Lens Review on Sigma 50mm Art Lens on now" Something of that nature.

I've noticed that the Fstoppers IG has pretty much gone untouched for over a year. All of the younger generation (the current/next generation of photogs) is there because their parents are on FB. As much as I hate Twitter, Twitter and IG are the hot social media apps right now. Just something to think about!

Definitely RSS!

I am happily getting my daily hit of FSTOPPERS via RSS. Just click the RSS logo in the top right corner of the page and choose Feedly. Alternatively, search for fstoppers inside Feedly in the Add Content section. c9000 people have already

Stephen Vosloo's picture

I use Feedly as well and love it!

Tam Nguyen's picture

RSS for me.

Tam Nguyen's picture

I use InoReader, if anyone cares.

I'm a longtime subscriber to Fstoppers's RSS feed and currently view it using Feedbin and Reeder. Works great

I regularly read you via RSS (Feedly)

I use the RSS feed and visit this website....I dont want to hear from you in any other form or fashion.... ;)