[Humor] Photographers Vs Videographers: Epic Battle Of The Century

This video has been sent to us so many times over the last 24 hours that I thought we should share it. It was filmed at After Dark Education based in Tucson, AZ and is a pretty funny look at how some videographers and photographers view each other on a wedding day. Just a good fair warning though, if you were offended by Lee's tongue in cheek take on fanny packs then you might be shocked to find out the situation is worse than you previous thought :) I guess we can all pick on the Star Wars fanatics instead this time!

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HAW! Ain't it the truth, though?

It was funny until they talked about fanny packs and then it crossed the line. 

haha. The best of this kind I've ever seen!

Hahaha, If we get this in cinemas all around the world, we'll strike them in the heart!

@Lee, OMG, priceless!! :)

ha! i can't tell you how many times a still photog has blatantly stepped in front of my shot just like at the beginning of this video.. now it all makes since-- yall take 'defeat the videographer' lessons

Haha.  I'm glad you picked up on the conspiracy David!  Always makes you wonder what is said in the community:)

HAHA, i wasnt even going to watch this. But once we got to Block! Block! Block! I had to laugh

HAHA! Load the Canons

Fanny pack sales mysteriously drop to an all time historical low. Lens cap and camera strap manufacturers panic and worry that they may be hit next. The vid is hilarious and spot on.

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I was rooting for the videography team; afterall, the clip was possible due to videography. My dearest photographer colleague, please do not chase after me with pitchforks. OK?


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Load your canons hehehe not even on pranks they use N.... hehehe guess is just never going to get to our level and to the photog yes man move or at least have the decency to ee if you are not disturbing other shooting!!!! he dicho

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I've got tears. This is great.

Almost every time I shoot video for a wedding the photographer ends up standing right in front of me numerous times...apologizes and then does it agian!  This really annoys me since I do photography and video work. 

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Man I feel stupid and I must not know how to have fun any more...we will leave it at that :-|

Love the LightSaber Tri-Pod!

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Wow this is hilarious. The photographer and videographer should work together. Usually i setup the shot and then the videographer creates a video version of the scene. Here is an example of one of the weddings i shot specifically the scene of the groom and groomsman walking down the street: http://www.youtube.com/user/VivaVideography#p/u/24/I3iw15AIFlc  . You can see then difference of when he worked with me and other photographers by looking at another one of the videographers videos and you will see what i mean. We are all in this together to make each other look good!

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hehehe somebody had fun! :D 
"Load the canons!" hihihi

Great laugh on this one :) Did i see Jabba the Hut in the background ? :D

Truth being said i agree with lawrence above, it should be all teamwork to make it a fantastic day for the bride & groom, we are just as good as our ethics finally and only there to serve them.

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Made my morning!

Photographers had hotter chicks so by default win.

FANNY PACKS!!!!! >:O RAwrRrrRrrR!!!!

Ahaha, very funny! great job.

Is the video available somewhere else than Youtube? It won't let me watch it due to music rights issues here in Germany :( 

Hi Nigel, the video is available on vimeo.com.  Here's the link:  http://vimeo.com/31976402

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What is there not to love about this clip - awesome!!!  Hopefully all the earlier offended fanny pack users decided to watch this and realize its OK to laugh - some things are just funny!  

How is this not a solid 5 star rating!?!?! Oh well...

Great video. Very Funny. What if this wasn't shot in video and only in stop motion? Then, we know who won this battle. LOL. Is that Lindsay Adler from Sigma? 

That was simply hilarious!!!  

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That is perfect! Love it.