Nominate Fstoppers For "Best Online Media/News Resource"

Nominate Fstoppers For "Best Online Media/News Resource"

Fstoppers is a young brand: in three short years, we've come a long way. What started as a small video blog for founders Lee Morris and Patrick Hall has grown into a media/news site that brings you the latest from the world of photo and video every day. We've been working hard to continue to grow, and we do it because we are just a bunch of photographers who love what we do and love sharing it. 2012 was a breakout year for us, and we would be hugely appreciative if you helped cap it off by nominating us for a [F]ramed award.

[F]ramed, a great online video how-to resource for pros around the world, is hosting awards for the top creatives and companies in the industry. They're doing it a really great way, and hearing who people who want to nominate for each category. We want to hear from you, and we would love your support for nomination in their "Best Online/Media News Resource" category (bottom row, second to last on the page). While you're there, you can nominate other brands and creative professionals that you appreciate, admire and look up to. Today is the last day to vote, so if you're going to help us out we appreciate your time and last minute consideration! We can't wait to see who wins in each category.

We appreciate your support, and Fstoppers will continue to grow and offer you more news, videos, reviews and original content in 2013!

[Nominate Fstoppers for Best Online Media/News Resource]

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You and your team of Fstoppers deserve this great achievement. 

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Travis Dewitz

"Nominations are now closed and are under review..."

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Phenomenal job guys, you all deserve every bit of it! 

Last year I would have nominated you many times over.
This year, the quality of many of your posts has dropped just too far to justify it.

I know I'm not alone in my opinion of the dropping of standards at Fstoppers.
Too bad too. Tremendous potential ruined by second rate posts.

What happened guys?