NYC Photography Meetup This Saturday January 8th: Update VENUE CHANGE

Patrick and I are both in NYC to shoot the next FS Original on Monday but until then we are working on our biggest project to date. For the next 4 days we are shooting a full length DVD with Peter Hurley. We hope this DVD will be an incredible opportunity to learn the art of headshot photography from the best.


Due to the football game we have decided to change the venue to Las chicas Locas at 160 West 25th street. The party begins at 8pm. Last time we had a get-together here it was quite a memorable night (those who were there know what I'm talking about) and I have no doubt this one will compare. The photographers in NYC are some of the nicest and most welcoming bunch I have met. Don't miss out.

The first few rounds are on Fstoppers!

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Without hearing from anyone I know that 10 will be there for sure. Anyone else interested?

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I will be there after ten cuz that's when I get out of work.

@Andrew, cool we'll all still be there

Damn... Not in the US this week... Not cool..!! But have fun!!

I'll definitely try to make it. Always up for a drink with creative people!

Sounds awesome! Unfortunately I live ~6000km far away ..

Heyoo gonna be fun

I still have hopes that I can make it.

Sounds like a great opportunity to meet some of you all. Hope to be able to make it out.

The last fstoppers meet I was at was a lot of fun, should be there for this one as well!

Very interested! I live in Chicago but might make the trip out there...

I think I might join you guys... sounds like a blast!

Too far away, but you got me interested in this DVD. Is it going to be something fstoppers producing/selling?

Did you guys just write "we are shooting a full length DVD with Peter Hurley"?

I just want to say: don't forget international shipping :) will be a must.

@chaps and reptar, yes we are going to try and manage the production and shipping of the DVD. And yes, we will ship internationally.

Also, just heard David Bergman is coming to the party as well.

AWESOME DAVE IS COMING?! he was at the last one i was at

Way cool. I'll try and make it. Good timing, traveling to NYC for the first time that weekend.

ill be there.

I would love come I live in Brooklyn not too far from the city can anyone come or is it invite only?

love to come (typo)

Wish I could make it. Going to a mixed gallery show in asbury park, nj that night.

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@ Lee and Danny yeah david was a lot of fun so was ken tam and Jerrit we had a good time. can't wait to hang out with you guys again.

you know what would be AWESOME?! yeah.. a shoot or meet up in florida. (specifically orlando).

@Sean this post is an open invite but I am personally inviting you.

Thanks Lee, my wife and I will see you there

Dang! I'm visiting NY on the 18th from the uk, would be cool to meet up with sone fellow togs

Are we gonna have trouble getting in? I checked out the events at The Ainsworth and it says that there's a private event at 4pm to 10pm on Saturday. I assume that's you guys. Do we need something to get us in?

I'll definitely be there! Looking forward to it.

I'm on the right side of the Atlantic this weekend, will try and make this!