One Photo A Day In The Worst Year Of My Life

The photo a day project is something that has been done now hundreds of times. You know the one, in which a person snaps a photo of themselves every day and combines it all together into one video. While I have seen a number of these videos before, I have never seen one quite like this. In this video we witness photos of a young lady who over the year shows signs of bruising evidently caused by domestic abuse. Read on to learn more about this video and why it was shared.

Just as all these videos start - this one begins with the young lady snapping a shot a day. But as the video continues we start witnessing bruises appearing on different parts of her face and it continues to get worse throughout the year. The powerful short was produced in Croatia as a public service announcement drawing attention to the issue of domestic abuse. The video ends with the young lady holding up a sign that translates to, "Help me, I do not know if I can wait for tomorrow."

Let's help spread this message so that this powerful visual is seen by as many as possible. If you, or someone you know is a victim of abuse please reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

No one was actually hurt fortunately in the making of this video. All effects were done with professional makeup. But the message it is getting out there is extremely important.

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That is so moving and really gut wrenching.

this is beyond powerful

i myself was a victom of domestic violence when i was 18-21


As inspiring as this is i feel that it is a set up. This video's playback comes in at 24-26fps a secound and lasts 1 min 20 sec. that's 1920 frames at one photo per day granted about 10-14 frames come up at 1 second so at the low number of 10 shots per sec. that makes this video about 800 photos or just over 2 years being vary generous. There are some other tidbits that would snuggest it to be fake but eh! cool campaign.

It is fake, says so in the description of the video (pro make-up artist). Still a moving and realistic interpretation.

It's a PSA, not a real 'one photo a day"

guess you didnt read the part in the article that says "No one was actually hurt fortunately in the making of this video. All effects were done with professional makeup. But the message it is getting out there is extremely important. "

It is fake. Read the last paragraph of this article.

It says right there "No one was actually hurt fortunately in the making of this video. All
effects were done with professional makeup. But the message it is
getting out there is extremely important." Gotta read stuff to the end. :P

You didn't read the article, did you?

i guess I should read all the fine print :) Ha! i did math for nothing

You were right though! Math is cool!!! =D

Oh good for you! You were able to figure that out all by yourself. Such a smart boy. Mommy is very proud of you.

Wow, are you like, five years old or something?

It is makeup but, good idea any how

PSA or not, this is incredibly powerful. Let's stop domestic violence.

This was me and my first marriage, I got out and had to put him in prison before I could really get away. I had to move halfway across the country and change my name to be free and safe, I had to since I was looking out for my daughter as well. Nothing is as easy as "just leave", they don't want you to leave and will do whatever it takes including kill you to prevent it.

If this is true what you say it touches me much more than a faked movie.
I hope you and your daughter are well and secure and will be able to enjoy the good side of life. Wish you all the best.

I guess it's another "let's all feel sorry for women" and guys are all jerks and belong in prison. You know why it happens over and over again? Cause you get in relationships with the same kind of guy who hit you before. If guys are so bad, next time your cars breaks down, go find a woman.

Nope David you are totally wrong. You know why it happens over and over again. Because some idiot guys think they have to demonstrate power over their spouses by physically abusing them. This is not the women's fault as you are trying to blame them in your comment by saying they keep going to the guys that hit them. P.S. Women don't need men to fix their cars. They need a man to respect and love them.

Shame on you.

Not all men are jerks. Just the ones who think it's okay to hit women.

There is always an arse on here somewhere......congratulations David!

You know what? He does have a point. If these women would look for the signs, and stop dating abusive men, this wouldn't be a problem. But many women are attracted to that kind of attitude. Love of douchebaggery. Once, it's not their fault, 1-3 abusive relationships... time to find new partners.

There's no way a victim of domestic assault is, in any way, at fault. The fault and cause of any situation of domestic assault lies square on the shoulders of the person to do violence.

Is this real? is she okay????

It's stage makeup, she's fine.

wow she has a new outfit every day

When I read just the headline I was worried why a woman would make a photograph of herself when heavily beaten. Hardly anybody can be in the right mood for a photoshoot when just received such gruesome treatment. Later the text said, it's all makeup. A letdown, a fake ? I don't know. But since that very moment it doesn't touch me anymore because it's what Hollywood serves me day after day.

You should go look at Nan Goldin's work.

First of, seriously people? There are 4 paragraphs in this article. You can't read it before leaving a comment that you don't think it's real? Come on!

Secondly, I hope Noah Kalini was involved in this since it's a complete ripoff of his work.


Though I do agree that domestic abuse is quite very real. If you had read the whole article as you say we all should you would see why the [video/short film] is not real. It is a short film with a powerful message behind it. The third sentence in the second paragraph points to the film being not real. It was [produced] in Croatia as a [public service announcement] shedding more light on domestic abuse.

Point being: video is not real BUT the message is real.

Not sure why you are responding to my post. I am very aware that it's not real and never said anything to the contrary. Its also a ripoff of Noah's work.

Have you not thought for a second that it's a copy of Noah's work for a reason? His video is the most popular version of this to have been released. You're supposed to know from the start that it's a time lapse of self portraits and what better way than to use the format of the most well known one. See the bigger picture here and realise why they did this. The ad agency have drawn on something now watched worldwide and used it's popularity to create an alternative spin on it with a very worthwhile message. It would be pointless if people couldn't identify with it's content from the beginning.

I completely agree. However unless their was some kind of discussion with him it's at the very least unethical.

I think this guy trumped Noah by quite a bit:

Not really. Yes it was started 9 years before Noah started his but it was published 6 years after Noah's was published. Besides there are a lot of these types of picture a day projects. The difference is that the one posted here is pretty much an exact ripoff of Noah's work. Even down to the song which was written specifically for his video by Carly Comando when she was his girlfriend. I mean seriously, they couldn't even come up with their own music?

I want to say, learn to read! All of the post! Besides that, I think it's a good campaign. Bye bye now

holy moley

The powerful short was produced in Serbia not Croatia, but nevermind the mesage is universal.

Thanks for sharing it, this is really a touch of kind and thoughtful work and should be taken seriously. love it.

So it's a fake ? Nothing moving about a fake - irrespective of the subject matter, this is just advertising.