Sarcastic Posters Show the True Life of a Photographer

Sarcastic Posters Show the True Life of a Photographer

Certainly you've seen them on Facebook and other social media avenues before. I’m talking about those oversimplified “I'm an artist, I don’t work for free” posters that photographers always have the desire to post and share. The people over at Shoppe Designs have decided that perhaps those are too polite, and built some with a little more sass and attitude.




Be sure to check out Shoppe Designs where each one of these posters can be printed and hung up on the wall to warn clients.


[via Demilked]

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These are awesome.

Here's one I heard recently - Well of course it's easier for you than real artists

"Well of course it's easier for you to produce your art. All you have to do is push a button." I nearly clobbered the people who told me that.

Needs a "This will be great exposure for you" "People *die* of exposure, or are at least arrested for it".