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Sarcastic Posters Show the True Life of a Photographer

Sarcastic Posters Show the True Life of a Photographer

Certainly you've seen them on Facebook and other social media avenues before. I’m talking about those oversimplified “I'm an artist, I don’t work for free” posters that photographers always have the desire to post and share. The people over at Shoppe Designs have decided that perhaps those are too polite, and built some with a little more sass and attitude.




Be sure to check out Shoppe Designs where each one of these posters can be printed and hung up on the wall to warn clients.


[via Demilked]

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Jaron Schneider's picture

These are fantastic.

Graham Marley's picture

I was recently shooting a family during a wedding on a lake in New Hampshire with the sun behind the crowd. I had 2 strobes at full power with 30x60 softboxes and the stuff was looking pretty great. All I could hear behind me was guests saying "Why is he doing that? I can't get it to look good at all on my phone. They are going to have to take these again."

Mr Blah's picture

That's awesome! You just turn around, show them what it looks like "in camera" and tell them it's magic. Garanteed customers!

Basically the same "wow effect" as your mechanic fixing that annoying rattle for 5$.

Carsten Schlipf's picture

You should have told them, that it's because your professional DSLR is better than an iPhone ;-)

Timothy Nguyen's picture

I love how people think we can't do our own jobs. We don't go around telling them how to do theirs.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Good finds Zach, gotta love the classics like "your camera takes nice pictures". I remember seeing one awhile back about how amazing this omelet is, you must have a nice skillet!

Tyler's picture

I heard one from a bride before. You look really pretty, you must use good make up.

Norm C's picture

When I get.. "those photos are fantastic! You must have a really great camera." I aways tell them "dinner / lunch at your place last week was great, you must have a really great stove."

Brian Jurkowski's picture

Yeah.... and that Da Vinci, he must have had some really good brushes!!!

Marianne Campolongo's picture


Trevor Dayley's picture

But why order these from when I can just remake them in Microsoft Word. ;)

Trevor Dayley's picture

I hope people can hear the sarcasm in my voice.

Richard Cave's picture

we get it mate,

Richard Cave's picture


Richard Cave's picture

can I come round your office and you teach me photoshop, that was the best quote last year

Jim Gustafson's picture

Fun, sad and oh so true.

Nicky Bay's picture

Some similar ones I put in my blog some time ago. Just for fun. :)

"The dinner was awesome! Your pot must be really good!"

"The novel was mind-blowing! What brand of typewriter are you using?"

"The graphic design is beautiful! Which software did you use?"

"Your golf game was fantastic! You must be using top class clubs!!"

"You look really well toned! You must be going to a very expensive gym!!"

Other interesting things that happened..
"I like this photo! What camera and lens did you use?"
***some time later***....
"I bought the same camera and lens, why can't I get the same picture quality???"

"I want to take professional photos of landscapes, star trails, milky way, portraits, macro closeups, wildlife, sports and it must be light enough to travel around with. I am on a very tight budget, please recommend me a good camera!"

Guy Swarbrick's picture

My favourite variation is

"I like this photo! What camera and lens did you use?"
***some time later***....
"I bought a completely different camera and lens, why can't I get the same picture quality???"

streetphotog's picture

Some of these are hilarious. especially the one about setting up the shot and lights, only to have people stand behind you with their crappy cell phones to take pictures. I remember at my brothers wedding, the photographer was setting up group pics. There were so many people standing behind the photographer snapping pics with their camera, with the flash on. To top it off, they were trying to time out their photos with the photographers. So I know for a fact a few pictures were destroyed.

Kevin Stiller's picture


Lori DeHart's picture

Absolutely love! <3 - [ o'] -

Marco Mackenbach's picture

Still loving them!

Akeem Casey's picture

These should be on tshirts

Marianne Campolongo's picture

+1 I'd buy them in a heartbeat

Brian's picture

The logo over the center bugs me, because it makes the photo look bad, and that's not a good advertisement - especially if it's before the person could even buy the photos. Otherwise, good posters.

guismo37's picture

I think it's just a funny and exaggerated way to say "Don't crop my fucking logo out".

Brian's picture

Funny, annoying, what's the difference? I think it's a bit self-aggrandizing myself. Just makes me NOT want to order anything from that person if they can't show some trust.

guismo37's picture

Show some trust? How? By not placing their logo? That is how trust is shown? Also, I think there is people that read that poster and say "Ha so funny" and people that read it and say "I feel offended" so I guess you are the second one who takes everything personal and might not be an ideal client. Just my opinion.

Brian's picture

No problem with logos, but they look bad over the actual person. Showing off your work like that isn't the best way, IMO.

Nicky Bay's picture

"Placing the logo in the center" is just an exaggeration. It probably refers to any pictures where the logo/copyright notice is not a tiny speck in the corner where it is easily cropped out.

Not a common practice to stick it over the most important part of the subject as most photographers still have a relatively good sense of aesthetics. Usually just enough so that it is not so easy to crop the watermark out.

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