SlickForceGirls Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Nick Saglimbeni is back with an all new episode and photo set of his imaginative series, SlickForceGirl. This time Nick shoots model Nazanin Mandi in a espionage-themed role in which apparently Nick kept secret even from her until it was time to start shooting. What's wonderful about this series is that a portion of all of the proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) for their iGoPink campaign. Way to use creativity to help spread good works.



You can find more information about the series and the positive campaign over at

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He cant afford a studio. Sorry to say...

Elliott Montello's picture

Nice photo, but it does annoy me sum when they go through all this effort with digital manipulation and then repeat the background. I mean use the clone stamp tool or something!

Tobias Solem's picture

Checked your gallery, Elliott. I like! Some really nice photomanips. :)

Antonio Carrasco's picture

Quite frankly, I find it appalling that Nick Samblibegni is associating his photoshop disasters with the very real and serious issue of breast cancer.

You want to see photography re: breast cancer that actually makes a difference and raises awareness, go here:

Rebecca Britt's picture

I think if anyone can help with the cause, then it's a good and positive thing.

You're criticizing someone for having an alternative way of thinking to support breast cancer awareness?? Really???

Antonio Carrasco's picture

PRO TIP: Slutty models with boob jobs for breast cancer "awareness" could be offensive to someone who has had a double mastectomy.

The only thing this is "raising awareness" for is Slickforce Girls/Nick Sambliebegni.

This is the classic self-serving Hollywood "charity" deal where someone is trying to promote their own business by tying it to a cause but doing little to nothing to actually help that cause. See also:

It's just really disgusting to try and sex up anything about cancer, which is a devastating disease. If he really cared about breast cancer, there are LOTS of places he can volunteer. But the publicity won't be as good.

I didn't know that breast cancer was cured already. Until then perhaps people should be less concerned about how Nikki Sambliebegni and his models help fund it. So what if he uses Breast Cancer as a means to get more exposure, the end result is that the more exposure he gets, the more money BCCA gets.

Besides, your moral values about how women should be portrayed (covered princesses I suppose?) isn't so much the moral high ground you would like to believe. Literally everyone are offended by something, so whether someone or a group of people are offended, I doubt that they'd be as offended if the increased proceeds got doctors closer to a cure.

Your rhetoric is almost 18:th Century, just needs a little more "OR SATAN WILL EAT YOUR SOUL" to be more preachy.

Antonio Carrasco's picture

My issue is not with photographing lingerie models. My issue is with pinkwashing.

If I thought that a breast cancer patient was going to see a dime of support from SlickforceGirls, I would be in total support of it. But that's not the way these things work.

Tobias Solem's picture

That's a pretty harsh accusation, I hope you have something more than speculation to back it up with. Discrediting someone for using models that aren't in your taste is one thing, calling Nikki Sambliebegni a liar/scammer is another. Thus far you've been posting a lot of slander, what do you base your position on besides calling models "sluts" or a sketchy moral compass of right and wrong?

Tobias Solem's picture - Given that the guy has some legit sources and has worked with legit projects (Kardashians) previously your slander seems very unlikely.

Antonio Carrasco's picture

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA did you just say he is legit because he works with the Kardashians? They are charity scammers too:

Tobias Solem's picture

Your lack of response to the below is a clear sign you have nothing to support your claims. Which makes it slander. Why is Nikki Sambliebegni a liar/scammer? Until you back your claims up, it's just bullshit.

Antonio Carrasco's picture

I have explained the pinkwashing phenomenon to you with links. If you can't understand it and think that buying a poster of a model with a boob job is somehow helping women with breast cancer, by all means go ahead.

If having the balls to call out pinkwashing makes me an asshole, I'm ok with that. I never explicitly said Samblibegni is a "liar/scammer". Don't put words in my mouth. Samblibegni probably believes he is doing good works with this foolishness.

I don't have time to argue about this anymore. Take care.

Tobias Solem's picture

Accusing someone of something without having anything to back it up takes exactly no balls whatsoever. You call it pinkwashing, how is it pinkwashing? From your own link: "yet their products fill the air with toxins, or perhaps they give a penny" - so to "call him out" you have to prove that he's doing exactly that. You haven't. So yeah, you are calling him a liar (claiming he's supporting BCCA but not doing so) and you're calling him a scammer (not donating anything to BCCA). And you're making these claims without any evidence to support your claims whatsoever. Just sperging baseless accusations.

Why you keep on harping about the contents of the poster, I dunno. You seem to really be crying over the content. REALLY it is about proceeds going to the BCCA. If you don't like it, don't buy a poster, don't make shit up because you have plastophobia or are too religious to see women with barely any clothing on them.

pgshooter's picture

Those candid photos documenting Jen's battle with cancer truly moved me, touching my heart, Antonio. Thanks for pointing the way to them.

pgshooter's picture

Curious why this was shot exterior location day? More so since so much of the finished result is CG.

Adam T's picture

Girl was shot nice but the composite job was awful. Trees have no DOF or zdepth to them, the gun looks like cut out, you can see the white canvas in between the hair which is a different tone of white from the snow, the hat is piss poorly masked out, conflicting shadow at the boots. I really think they should have used props instead of shoot this on the grass on white.