Take 2-Min and Watch The Most Exciting Wedding Video Of All Time

This morning as I was perusing through the front page of the internet, a.k.a. Reddit, I came across this 2-minute wedding video that had me laughing till my chest hurt. I couldn't help but watch it three times. The friends and family that helped plan this gypsy wedding sure know how to throw a fantastic dangerous party.

My favorite parts in the video have to be,
:07 - having the couple try to squeeze through two flaming fireworks as they make their way to the ceremony.
:58 - throwing their glasses over their shoulders almost hitting guests in the background. Look close and you'll see that one of the guests that almost gets hit with the glass just got finished cleaning out his ear with his finger.
1:16 - the 'best man' with a cigarette behind his ear. #classy
1:40 - old guy firing a roman candle indoors as guests realize it's probably not such a good idea.

Reddit users had some great things to say about the video as well.

"You can see the hesitancy towards indoor fireworks in their faces, but they proceeded anyway. That's commitment." - iForgot2Remember


"Their wedding planner was Borat" - atmosphere325

I sure hope I get the chance to photograph a wedding like this someday...and survive to share the photos.

[Via Reddit, Maqda7]

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Tom Barker's picture

What the hell did I just watch! This is amazing, but for ALLLLLL the wrong reasons!

Zach Sutton's picture

You know you're in good hands when the pyrotechnics expert is the guy with the cigarette tucked above his ear...

Tamara Fischer's picture

Dear Diary: Our wedding day was very exciting. We are a little upset though. The reception hall will not give us back our deposit and grandpa is no longer allowed to by fireworks per judicial order. All in all it was a great day. #winning

David Geffin's picture

If you've ever had that feeling when friends say "Oh I TOTALLY forgot! You guys HAVE to check out our wedding video, we just got it back!". Think of the 180-degree, total opposite feeling to that moment, multiply it by about 100 and that's what I feel like now. Trevor, you've teased us with the trailer, it is now your duty to track down the full length video of The Most Epic Wedding Video Of All Time and deliver the goods.

mrsa26's picture

Rob Adams will be teaching this set up next month.

Christopher Sztybel's picture

Pyro Man instead of Piano Man?

Sean Mason's picture

Anyone know what kind of camera he used? I have to film a friends wedding this weekend.

Trevor Dayley's picture

Do you mean, what kind of roman candle he used?

Michelle Koechle's picture

Lol, this is such a mess!

Sean Shimmel's picture

The officiating clergyman is also a plastic surgeon

Vladimir Ladev's picture

Gipsy wedding in Bulgaria. Every single one is full of WTF!!! Tought it was in Romania but I heard bulgarian after the fenomenal fireworks.

Jonas Karlsson's picture

haha. love it when at 2:02 the old man starts firing at the grooms legs. is that service sold separately or included in every package?

Phillip Van Nostrand's picture

hahaha that was AMAZING.

David O'Shea's picture

I was just waiting for the dress to go up in flames...

Patrick McCue's picture

haha! This was hilarious

Timothy Jace's picture

ha! i had fun reading the comments as much as watching the video... LOL

Tam Nguyen's picture

I almost peed my pants when the old guy started shooting that thing up the ceiling hahahaha

Guest's picture

I can just imagine how the honeymoon would be like... XD

JM's picture

I get the chills when I come to think about their honeymoon! XD

John_Skinner's picture


Nicholas Williams's picture

The extension cord under the rug, how tacky.

JT's picture

I am guessing they went with the bronze package xD

Jonathan Menga's picture


fotique13's picture

This video leaves me feeling Gypped..

Amy Voigt Stern's picture

Reception will follow at the local hospital. Yikes, I was as terrified watching this as the bride. I hope everyone was unharmed besides the obvious smoke inhalation.

Adam Sternberg's picture

As ashamed I am to admit this, I've actually shot a wedding WAY worse than this where the bride got into a fist fight with her soon-to-be mother in law right after the dinner. Mother-in-law had her nose broken and the bride broke two bones in her hand.

Andrew Yianne's picture

They'll really feel sparks in their marriage.

Juan PC's picture

at one moment was depressing, but now i know how to start a party.! jajajajajajaja