Travis Harris Just Became A Full Time Photographer

Remember Travis Harris? He called me out of the blue a few months back and actually flew to Charleston to assist me at a couple of weddings. Since then Travis has had one goal in mind: to do whatever it takes to quit his day job and work as a full time professional photographer. A few weeks ago Travis took the plunge and quit his job and now he is working his ass off to pick up as many photo jobs as humanly possible. Travis was kind enough to shoot a BTSV at his last gig and give us a few of his lighting schematics.

It's really exciting to be able to watch Travis go from amateur to professional right before our eyes. Please leave him some encouraging words below.

Shooting for "InFocus Models" from Travis Harris on Vimeo.

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Bcvammen's picture

Awesome Travis! Congrats on taking the plunge. (wish I could)

Abraham T's picture

Way to go Travis! As Bcvammen said, 'wish I could', but I'll get there soon.

Puneet Dembla's picture

he is an amazing guy, I mean he looks very experienced, and has a great lighting setup.
He looks like very defined and simple.
For a new starter, it is an edge point.

Pablo Zanardi's picture

If when I'm able to make my jump to pro I'm half as good as you Travis, I'll be satisfied.

Great great work and congratulations.

Alessandro Bellino's picture

He just realize Fstoppers followers dream.


Robin Smith's picture

Awesome - its like watching my dreams become reality, only in a better looking body haha ;) Go get em, you rock.

Lyle's picture

Very nice clean set up for working with a modeling agency! You got some sharp shots that really show off the models without a lot of clutter or crazy lighting. Congratulations!

Dabe's picture

Jealous! Good luck Travis, wish you all the best! tough times ahead, but keep at it & stay strong dude!


ShakaM's picture

What an inspiration you are Travis! Well done man, well done indeed!

Monolith Studios's picture

Great stuff, Travis! Keep rocking it out!

ann-mishoe's picture

How exciting! Congratulations and good luck!

Taylor Verde's picture

livin the dream travis!
You did what most of us here wish they could do. I hope to follow you in the next few years

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IPBrian's picture

What a great step Travis. The hardest part of any journey is the first step. I am sure you will have some bumps along the way, but those will only make you stronger. Congratulations man!

sherif elbouhy's picture

Finally u did it man
am very happy for u wish u all the best luck in the world specially when u r working with some beautiful models like i saw in ur videos
am almost building my studio in egypt to live the dream too

Greg's picture

Kudos and Congrats. i know I wish I could make the plunge. Your work looks great!

Thorsten Ott's picture

I am not sure this information is accurate.

I did a simple google search for the agency, and Travis is listed as an officer.

Secondly, why does an agency use one shooter for all their looks.....sounds like a scam and it is.

I will have to disagree with the post, Travis works as an officer, hence it is not a real job. Why get hired by the agency you work for?


Lee Morris's picture

Even if Travis owned the agency that doesn't mean this is a scam. I'm not exactly sure why Travis is shooting for them but I would guess that it is a giant test shoot for his port and the talents.

I doubt this is even a paid gig.

Sascha's picture

Hi there Travis! You made it!! Congrats for that!! And your pictures are just great, wow!

gharmon's picture

What a great gig you landed there but well deserved!

Lorna Hattler's picture

What a fun job. I smiled through the whole video.

Grant Lankford's picture

Awesome! Looks like you've got it going on! Enjoy your new full time profession!

KJ's picture

Congrats Travis! You took the bold step I am very afraid to take... well done on growing a pair and becoming a full time pro :)

Travis Harris's picture

Thanks everyone for the positive comments! In addition to becoming full time, I have teamed up with my business partners, and we have formed a new agency "InFocus Models". Still working on the site.. but this was the first casting (non paid) to get the site up and running.. Wish us luck! :-)

phil cruz's picture

wow. amazing video. thanks for sharing the experience, travis! and congrats!

Glyn Cowden's picture

Congradulations on stepping out in faith. Good luck and great images to follow

rocky's picture

Wow awesome job Travis! I too would love to take the plunge, but with a wedding and a house on the way, it's a little difficult for me. I'm taking baby steps though :)

izham's picture

goodluck to you bro...