What If Kinect And Photoshop Were Merged?

We've all seen huge gigapixel images and their boring sidebars that allow us to navigate through them. But what if you could scroll through a photograph Minority Report style? The good people over at the University of Lincoln in the UK have put together an exhibit that combines huge gigapixel images with gestures based on the Xbox Kinect gaming console. The next step seems obvious: combine this technology with Photoshop! If you are near the univeristy, check out the Gigalinc page for future shows of this interesting concept. And if you know how to hack the Kinect, someone please hook this up to CS5!

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Paul Houston's picture

Incredible concept.  I can see this still needing a few more years before it could be practical/useful.

Mr. Nuyoka's picture

So you get to Photoshop and do the backstroke at the same time.... 
Beat that Michael Phelps!

marvinhagemeister's picture

Can't see myself holding my arms up for more than 20mins in the air.

Hugo Staton's picture

This would require a lot of complex commands, but who knows maybe with a dance mat style interface.......

Angel Oviedo's picture


I wouldn't use it with Photoshop but it does look fun. 

Tom Johnson's picture

I'm not far away from Lincoln. I'll go and check it out.