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And So it Begins...

Started working on a Star Wars series of pictures! Took some pics with my brother. Excited with how they're coming together! Costume made from a bunch of random pieces I've collected over the years.

5D mkII - f6, 100iso
Alien Bee 800 x2
PS CC: 2 hours

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very nice job!

Thank you Chris!!

This would be really cool if the rocks in the background were more out of focus to add depth. Movie posters always mess that up Other than that, good job.

Thank you very much for the critique David! Been a big fan of your work, appreciate the comments!



THIS IS EPICCCCCCCCCC !!!! I'm a huge fan of yours bro !

You are far too kind Davion! Thank you so much!

Star Wars kid from the 70's... too hard for me not to love this image.

Thank you so much! :)