The Charge by Josiah Moore
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The Charge

February 1, 2016

2nd image in my STAR WARS inspired series!

Recorded a timelapse of my photoshop work for anyone who is interested!

5D mkII - f6, 100iso
Alien Bee 800 x2
PS CC: 3.5 hours

35mm · f/7.1 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Wonderful image of yours, also thanks for the photoshop timelapse. What are the first steps you suggest for someone looking into this style of image creation? Looking forward to see more of your work !

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Thank you Dave for checking this out! And for steps on getting into this, just start using photoshop more and more! I'm self taught through 10+ years of using it. However, a great way to to check out more timelapse/speed art videos on youtube. It's an AWESOME way to gain inspiration!

And a good thing to remember with photoshop, is that there are MANY ways to reach the same final image. So, find the methods that works best for you, and keep honing those skills!

And finally, as with any photography in general, through a black and white filter over your image from time to time and make sure you still have strong composition, and good direction for the viewer's eyes!

Hope that helps man!

Well....lots of sleepless hours ahead! Thanks alot, I'll definately need to try this out. Time to pop out the greenscreen again !

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Amazing work!