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The Adventure - Wedding picture

My friend got married this year, and both he and his wife are avid rock climbers! He asked me to design a fun image incorporating their passion and the wedding!

I had an absolute BLAST working on this image!
Shot with Canon 5DmkII
2 Alien Bee 800 to light.
Bride was jumping on a trampoline to get the shot, Groom was hanging from a wooden structure my brother built for parkour.

=Photoshop time roughly 3hrs.

Hope you enjoy!

canon 5D mkii
80mm · f/6 · 1/500 · ISO 100
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Nice idea and shot.
Don't know why you chose to have the sea dripping to the right.
I'd rather see this with a straight horizon.

Thanks so much for checking it out! Appreciate the feedback! It was a very conscience decision to make the image slightly slanted, as it added a bit more excitement to the overall image in my opinion. Totally a personal preference, but it just felt better to me :)

I agree with the choice and I assumed that's why you did it. Nice work!

Thank you very much Ryan!

Thank you so much for the "photo of the day" award Ryan! :)

never implied that it wasn't by choice :D

A little dutch tilt does no harm, perhaps it's just me being weird, I'd like it without the tilt, or with both parts tilted ( sea/horizon & the couple )

Fair enough :) Thanks for taking the time to check it out and write some feedback! Means a lot Bill!

You're welcome!

Don't put too much 'faith' in my opinion, photography is a subjective matter, it's an art.
People see art differently, analyze things differently, feel different things, even when looking at the very same photo.
I could see this photo being composed in 30 something different ways ( including your original edit ) and they'd all look nice.

Absolutely! Thanks so much Bill!

I love it!...just love it!

Thank you so very much Felix!

Awesome creativity, love that they've got their passion mixed in with it. Kudos.

Not quite sure he's stick to that rock in those shoes though ;)

Thank you Christopher! Appreciate the kind words! :) And hehe, yeah...those aren't the best climbing shoes.

Amazing shot, really love to concept and the end product is amazing.
I see having the sea tilted that direction can draw you up into the photo but that would make the Groom almost completely inverted, I realize it's supposed to be a set up shot but I can't stop thinking about that.

Yeah, I had to make a few choices like that to pull off the shot. At the end of the day I just accepted that it was a surreal shot and made it look the most energetic that I could from that angle! Thank you for the feedback and for checking it out!

I love everything about this. Damn fine idea and perfectly executed. I'd say you're high up on your friends christmas card list right now.

Haha, just seeing this comment now. Thank you so much Dave :)

how do you make color pop like tat.?
And image to detailed.?
they look like they are made out of plastic..
can i get any tutorials link for tat plz ! am a learner cn u help me out ! plz teach me

Thank you so much for checking out the picture! I shot the people as separate shots, so I could get maximum detail. Which helped a lot! Then, I painted over them using dodge and burn to accent highlights and shadows. It creates that more "surreal" and "painted" look you are seeing.

Thanks for checking it out!!

Great idea and execution

Thank you so much Greg!