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"Out of the Rubble"

Continuing my quest to make some fun and epic wedding pictures for my friends!

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Really cool.

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Thank you so much!

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thats freakin sweet

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Haha, thanks so much Stephen!

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Great Concept

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Happy you liked it Wayan!

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Great editing!

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Appreciate the kind words Maximillian!

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Very cool!

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its so different and cool

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Thank you very much Paulo! It was a fun project to work on!

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This is amazing...

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So...I'm guessing the reception was cancelled? Hahahaha

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Epic for sure. Two things are certain. Their friends are jealous, and this kind of wedding shot should increase your bookings.

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Haha thank you Bo!! I really hope this helps with future interest as well! Thank you for writing, appreciate the encouragement!

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Fantastic shot man! Would love to see the rest of the shots from this wedding!

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Wow Great work! its not often you see unique shots like this! :)

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Thank you so much Steve!