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Casual Sunday Hockey

Promotional imagery for the hockey team Manglerud Stars.

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Sean Berry's picture

love the idea, the motion is a little much though. (just my taste though)

Josiah Moore's picture

I love this!!

Vegard Breie's picture

Wow! POD!! What an honour!!! Stoked! Thanks for the nice feedback as well!
Really happy about how it turned out!
It's a composite where the athletes are shot separately, and then pasted together in post for those wondering.

Mark Foust's picture

Wow! Colors, motion, action, subject, weather, mood, etc. Unique in so many ways. Everything just comes together. Well done!

Felix Hernandez's picture

Love the action in this image!!!

Dan McClanahan's picture

The motion is what makes this stand out from other hockey composites I've seen. I really love it - bravo!

Anonymous's picture

I absolutely love this photograph. I especially enjoy how you didn't fall into the typical trap of stopping the action. This shows intensity, and in my opinion, more talent than other sports photographers. There is nothing I can suggest to improve this perfect photograph.