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Oilrig Sniper

Shot on location in the Northern Sea for the Norwegian army. I'm lucky my camera takes me places like this.

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Rex Jones's picture

This is awesome!!

Vegard Breie's picture

Thx! Appreciate the positive feedback as much as the constructive ones! :)

rodney simba masarirambi's picture

That picture is amazing mate. No idea why you were there but I bet that picture tells tons of stories!

Vegard Breie's picture

Thx! Was there to shoot illustrational photos for the norwegian army. So in this case me and the sniper was exploring around for cool photo spots.

Deleted Account's picture

You have some very nice work indeed.

Bill Larkin's picture

I really like this, especially the coloring.

Vegard Breie's picture

Thx! It's all natural light. but i have darkened around pretty much all but him a bit and amplified the warm/cold contrast.

Gabby Argarin's picture

Very cool!!

Rob Burnside's picture

I love the contrasting warm/cool colors. Tack sharp, great subject!