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Sending it!

Robbert Ruud skiing upside down mid-air with a mute grab.

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Amazing work !!! congrats..

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Thx! Stoked on how it turned out! :)

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That is a fantastic shot. Can you give us mere mortals how you set this up/

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Hi! Sure!!
He was lying on a table in my studio. The skis was just outside of the edge of the table behind him. Wrap around lighting from behind with a soft one in front as well to lighten up the shadows.
Then we shot a separate on without his googles on to make sure I could blend it so his eyes are visible. Then I put him on a blue stock backdrop and the snow and flaring is added in post.

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great job, though in mid air I would add a flopping lip :)) to add drama

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This is a fantastic image... Congrats man

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Very well done!