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Kristin doing her thing.
Looks pretty sick if u're asking me!!

Shot in a garage. Put the lights to enhance the mood already there. Shot with a slow shuter at 1/60 to get the amient lights in there as well.
Speedlite backlight to the camera left, and a Pro B1 with a softbox backlighting here to the cam right. B1 with a umbrella lighting her from the front cam left.

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It would definitely be interesting if both feet are above the ground

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Haha! :) That would certainly be more visually catching indeed! Only thing is that in these location based sports images the performance needs to be credible as well and I'm afraid that would perhaps have been a bit to far out. hehe. :D

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I'm suffering for her.
Great pose, nice shot.

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Respect to Kristin! That's one hell of a pose.

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That's exactly what i thought as well!!! :D

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Great lighting and pose, well done!

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Thanks!! Really happy with how I think it looks believable and logic, while still being the flashes doing it! :)

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Awesoooome! 35mm 1.4? or?

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Not that far off, but it's just my 24-70F2.8@48mm. Haven't one any blurring in post either.

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This really sets a great mood. Gives viewers emotion as well as motivation. Well done and please keep up the great work!

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Excellent lighting! Great team work to pull this off and great determination by Kristin! Wow! Love the colors tones and mood. Fantastic shot!

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Superb shot Kristin! My only suggestion would be to increase the f stop and lower the shutter speed (or increase the iso) to get a nice flare/starburst from the lights, while keeping the overall lighting look.

Other than that, this is a top notch photograph. Thank you for sharing your talents.