Light sleeper by Dani Diamond
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Light sleeper

June 26, 2014
24mm · f/5.0 · 1/13s · ISO 500
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Bo Bickley's picture

Love this shot Dani. Perfectly executed.

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Dani Diamond's picture

Haha thanks Tam, I love you dude.

Joe Hoddinott's picture

I've envy'd this shot for a while now.

braydon russell's picture

ALRIGHT! I'm gonna start flagging pics as "unfair advantage"! This is the first one. FLAGGED! : ) Wow.

Dani Diamond's picture

Braydon, thanks, one of the articles I wrote for Fstoppers is the BTS and exactly how to get shots like this.

Percy Ortiz's picture

This creates so many emotions and feelings… WOW! I guess being a wedding photographer i long for images that can move you, make you think, provoke a response... This ticks all the boxes IMHO… oh and technically not to shabby of a job either :P

Trent Jones's picture

Awesome work, as always!

John Sheehan's picture

I SOOOO have to try this. Thanks for the link to the article.

Dani Diamond's picture

Go for it bud, its hard but rewarding

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Felix thanks bud!

Boris Urumov's picture

I'd have to agree.. I envy this kind of shot and it is an unfair advantage! Great work, great emotion coming through!
[btw at first I read 'lighsaber' as the title :D]

Dani Diamond's picture

Boris haha, it's not too hard to pull this off as long as you put your mind to it.

Chris Humphrey's picture

this is awesome!!!

Dani Diamond's picture

Chris thank you!

Daniel Murray's picture

This is by far my favorite shot on this site, amazing...

Dani Diamond's picture

Oh wow thanks Daniel!

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Crazy cool! Thanks for the article

Jiksaw Lalmuanpuia's picture

Beautiful Work..

Jon Sollee's picture

Great execution! Very cool.

Felix Inden's picture

Besides the nice levitation i really love how you worked the light here Dani!

Dirk Franke's picture

Very well done!

Claude Lee Sadik's picture

Do not fall asleep on your Macbook Air.. Beautiful work Dani !

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