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Civil War Reenactor Union Corporal

I have an ongoing project on war reenactors. While doing this project, I have made a friend, who is an active duty soldier and a living historian. Our goal is to educate people with this project. The series is a mix of dramatic portraits and "a day in the life of" images. This was photographed at Fort Scott, a Civil War Fort in Kansas but I added different sky to add drama. I used a 5 foot Octobox by Broncolor and the Broncolor Move Kit. It was high and to the side and about 10 feet away. The other light source is the sun. Shot on a Hasselblad H5D-50c wifi with a 50-110 lens.

Hasselblad H5D
50mm · f/3.5 · 1/800s · ISO 100
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Stunning image!

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wonderful, wonderful image. Just gorgeous.

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I'm really in love with this image, it's an absolute stunner so in summary.

1. He really is in that field.
2. The sky has been replaced but not the foreground
3. The Octobox is lighting (his) right of his face
4. The sun is lighting his left?

I'd love to know a little more about it. Gorgeous shot.

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I wrote a blog post for Broncolor GenNext and it should be posted soon.

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Broncolor posted my blog post about how I lit this shot and others in my War Reenactors. http://gennext.broncolor.com/blog/article/civil-war.html #broncolor #justinlister #gennext #cinematic #reenactors

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Definitely unique.

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Congratulations on becoming a Broncolor embassador! Awesome that you're in this community, makes it easier to idolize! The GenNext photographers are some of the best I've seen! I love to follow up with you guys. Cant wait to see what you develop these next couple of years.

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Really strong image with nice lighting

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