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Into the Mystic

This image was photographed in Kauai Hawaii at dusk. I wanted to create an emotional mood. This is the feeling I get when I get to visit the ocean. I grew up in Monterey CA one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and unfortunately I live in Kansas as far away from the ocean as possible in the USA. I miss laying by the water and watching the world go by.
This image reminds me of that,

I created this by combining multiple images of the same scene to create a perfect moment. The sun is lighting her face. I brought the exposure way down so the details in the image are barely visible. I love the cinematic look of this. She has a torn dress and block and tackle rope as if she washed up on shore from a shipwreck. BTW the beach this was shot on is called "shipwreck beach".

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Beautiful image, Justin!

Legit image right here. Very well done.