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WWI French Soldiers Gas Mask

This photo is a continuation of my War Reenactors project, photographing different wars, from Civil War to WW2 and beyond. My goal is to always photograph on location, with the appropriate backdrop and lighting but that isn't always how it works. I photographed this at the WWI museum in Kansas City. It was supposed to be held outside on their stunning grounds but it rained record rainfall the night before and was flooded. I ended up photographing these in a hallway by the bathrooms in the museum! I had to composite them in an appropriate backdrop to unify this with the other images in the series. I used a Broncolor Move 1200 with a strip box camera right and a Siros L 800 with a 2.5 foot octabox camera left. A played with moving these around the subject to get some interesting light.

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Great mood and styling!