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Purple Heart of Glass

July 1, 2014

Beauty Editorial for Two Magazine
Issue #13, July 2013

Photographer – James Lightbown
Retoucher – Jordan Hartley

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Greg Marshall's picture

Great photo, but it drives me nuts to see glasses frames with no lenses in them.

Jordan Hartley's picture

Thanks Greg! And don't sorry, there are lenses in the glasses. They're just properly cleaned and lit for zero glare. At least that's what I was told by the photographer

Krzysztof Budych's picture

great retouch !!

Aaron Tyree's picture

Killer work Jordan.

Jordan Hartley's picture

Thank you Aaron!

Rob Nitsch's picture

That is shockingly good! damn!

Jordan Hartley's picture

Thanks Rob! It means a lot

Bo Bickley's picture

Excellent work Jordan

Christian Webb's picture

Whoa! Nice work man!

Josh Eskridge's picture

Love the detail in the lips and the color work... exceptional!

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's picture

Very pretty! :)

Jordan Hartley's picture

Thank you so much Julia. Much of what I know is stuff I've learnt from you :)

Catharine Schroeder's picture

Stunning detail!

Felix Inden's picture

Flawless edit- great work!

adn art photo's picture

Very nice, very sharp, do you know what kind of lens the photographer used for this picture?

Jordan Hartley's picture

Unfortunately I don't remember the exact lens. I'm pretty sure it was a medium format phase back though

Mohsen koofiani's picture

nice photo, nice

moe ben's picture

Incredibly well done photo. Kudos!

Image Faktory's picture

Such an amazing capture ! Very inspiring !!!!!

Henrik Palshoej's picture

That is how to do it! Excellent work.

JAZZMAN 8's picture

This generation is going to lose out...Librarians are slowly disappearing!