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Model: Biancia Zinger
Gown: by Kirsten Regalado
Location: Sunset Beach, Treasure Island, FL

24mm · f/8.0 · 1/320s · ISO 100
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Woooow, talk about perfect separation! Fantastic image and mood!

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Thanks so much, John! ..and thanks for seeing it ;)

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Excellent work- love how you mix the different genres!

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Thank you, Felix!!

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Thank you, Andrew!

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Perfect separation? Can your eyes go anywhere else but to Biancia? Perfect - just perfect!

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Thanks a lot, Bo!!

Paul Ciura's picture

As usual Dennis, stellar work.

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Thanks so much, Paul!

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Amazing picture, love the focus. Was it shot on a TS lens?

Jason Ranalli's picture

I must say this is pretty damn good. I'm curious what this looked like OOC. This is flawless work.

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Oh....wow. Made me literally stop and say 'wow'. Beautiful photo, incredible mood art. Love it Dennis, bravo.

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Very much appreciated, Daniel! Thank you!