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Guardians of the Galaxy

Shiprock also known as Tsé Bitʼaʼí, 'rock with wings' is part of Navajo Nation in San Juan County, NM. This is an artistic render of the landscape and the sky from nearby location Bisti Badlands. The idea was to get to north side of the rock and shoot Milky way and the rock at night but unfortunately I was left alone that night with my friend couldn't make it to shoot the rock with actual galaxy behind it. Didn't want to go alone to the other side at night by myself hence the composite image. Hope you enjoy!

Landscape was single row pano at 28mm after sunset. Sky was shot at 55mm two rows panorama

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I don't give many 5 stars, but this immediately jumped out as one. I'm gonna be nitpicky, just to be nitpicky, but the shadows pushed to blue on the farthest mountains doesn't look right compared to the shadows fading to black on the near mountains. In my mind, the mountains in the back should be near black as the light is falling off. Granted, I left the image at 5 stars, and it's your image, but my brain says they should be close to black. Apologies for the nitpickyness as it is damn near perfection.

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Agree, thanks for the details