Magic of light by John Daniel
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Magic of light

April 24, 2018

Quality of light is very important in photography, as a photographer any genre we look to take advantage of best lighting conditions. Which is why we wake up early to get to a place or stay late to finish our exposures. Slot canyons provides photographers with the magic of light as the day progresses and suns light hitting different part of canyon walls and reflecting creating patterns on the rocks. As we open our eyes to see the magic this light creates and shapes the earth we live and as it dies end of day just to show us there are billions more. MAGIC!

This shot is from Peek-a-boo slot canyon near Kanab, UT and I almost missed reaching this location due to wrong turn and my 4Runner couldn't go any further in deep sand. After hiking over some dunes got a reception on my phone and found the correct route to get here. To get to this location you need 4x4 high clearance vehicle and it is unpassable during rain and not safe in slots either. Check BLM weather conditions it doesn't have to rain at the location to flood the slots. I used 45mm with 4 image focus stack and processed in LR/PS.

Have a wonderful week and may the light be with you all!

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Great image, I really enjoy the simplicity and striking colors! The info about the location and accessability are very usefil too.