Abbott's Core by John Daniel
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Abbott's Core

April 12, 2021

Abbott’s Church was built in 1913 and this 100+ year old church in CO eastern plains has stood the test of time. Setup red light from headlamp to light the inside of church which added nice effect on windows. Setup tracker to get the stars without star trails for the minute exposure and used multi-row pano setup for the sky to capture two rows at 110mm. With tracker off show a single row pano of the foreground and edited/blended in PS

Had so much fun shooting this location with one other photographer and some Coyote friends searching for breakfast.

Shot Details
Sky: 110mm F2.8 60s ISO 6400, 2 row pano, tracked with fornax mounts lighttrack
Foreground: 110mm F2.0 60s ISO 3200 1 row pano

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