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Whispers of sorrow

The time when i did this shooting i was really happy, but when i downloaded the pictures to my computer i got really mad and sad... Want to know why? Well, i took my camera to service and they reset my camera to dafault settings... you know what happens when someone does that? YOUR PICTURES BECOME JPGE sigh... So i did't check that and took all the shooting in JPEG hahaha!! fml! But there's nothing that Photoshop can't fix :D!

Composite made just for fun. I bought an artesanal katana when i was in my trip at Toledo, España.

So i bought some swords and one of them was this katana that i wanted to make something with it.

We just improvised all the costume. I asked my friend Adriana (the model) to bring those pants and i found a globe i have for the gym so i ask her to wear it. Also i asked her to bring some bandages but they were not enough so i found some in my house and we used them. The clothes from the shoulders is a vest i bought for a SWAT halloween costume some years ago and we hide it at her back with some tape lol. It was really fun to do i should took some BTS shots...

You can watch the layer breakdown here:


Model name Adriana García
And thanks to my loyal MUA & Hairstyle Liliana Guerrero !

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This is amazing! I hope to one day be on your level.

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Thank you so much Jonathan!

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Thank you Edwin!!