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3 Hour Sunset, Iceland

I'll never forget this moment. It was around 9pm as the sun started setting and I had just pulled up to the glacier lagoon in Iceland. I was gifted with a scene like this that lasted what felt like forever. For a photographer, it was basically cheating. The sun never fully sets around this time of year, but after spending 7 days in Iceland this was the only day I really got any sun and I couldn't be more thankful.

There's a few things that make this shot special, at least to me. Obviously the emotional feeling of being there is unmatched but from a photography standpoint, two things happened. In the forground you can see a vibrant blue piece of glacier that sticks out among the rest. Just minutes before taking this, a giant piece had split in half (I have video of it somewhere). Once things settled, it had turned upside down revealing this beautiful glowing blue. Which was the perfect contrast to the fluffy pink clouds in the sky which was special in it's own way.

I didn't do much editing to this photo, you can even see the polarizers effect on the sky where it's partially darker in the center than on the edges. I enjoy editing and have sat on this photo for months wondering what I should do to it. I finally decided to just leave it be and post it without more than a few lightroom adjustments. I hope you enjoy!

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Beautiful image Alex!

Thanks Michael!