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Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Handheld shot that I took walking back on my last day in Copenhagen. Didn't have my tripod otherwise I likely would have tried to focus stack fore the foreground, although I've come to like the slight blur to push your eye to the castle.

This lovely place was right around the corner from where we stayed in Copenhagen. Comically didn’t find it until the last day we were there! I feel like we walked the entire inner part of the city and got to experience quite a lot for such a short time there. There were kids riding around in giant military vehicles, sunrise to sunset, partying the entire time. I think for graduating their version of high school but I never got a confirmation.
We also arrived right in time for their summer “witch burning.” Which we accidentally found while walking around. Giant bonfires with thousands of people gathered around all taken place on the docks of the city. A city completely dominated by bicycles and beautiful streets. I highly recommend a visit.

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Very nice shots! Love the real dark tones, the symmetry of the path and those dark punchy colours. 4* for sure!

Thank you!

Awesome composition, lighting and color. Well done!

Thanks Brian!