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Skogafoss under the Northern Lights

This was a picture I captured in Iceland that I’ve wanted to post for ages but couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do with it. It’s been on my editing chopping block for quite some time and I’m really happy to finally get to post it. •
It’s also a great time to mention how wonderful the internet can be. I frequent reddit often and at some point I stumbled across @evncmpbell and we followed each other on Instagram. He posted a series of aurora photos that instantly caught my eye and it clicked. That’s what I’ll do with my photo! So I messaged Eric and asked to use one of his incredible captures of the Aurora to play around with my photo from Iceland. •
So yes, this is a composite. Meaning I’ve taken Eric’s photo and blended it with mine. I don’t do this often (this might be the first time) and honestly I approached this with fun/learning as my goal without ever expecting to get anything worth posting. •
Let me know what you think of the results! And once again, huge thanks to Evan for sharing his photo with me.

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Great take on a classic falls

Thank you!


Thanks Liza!

Even though its a composite, there's a really nice balance in this composition. It would be easy to have one of the three main elements be too heavy, but the eye moves around easily. (I spy a halo around the rock on the left on my monitor).

I too thought it was a halo every time I edited it, but it's actually a cloud in the original northern lights photo. I even edited it out but it still looks a bit like a halo on the smaller versions. It's certainly brighter right there as well. Something I probably could have mulled over more if I wanted to but decided I was just fighting the natural photo and left it.