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Kirkjufell, Iceland

This was taken around midnight if I remember correctly. Kirkjufell was about an hour and a half away from where I was staying and I had come the night before this one. I almost didn’t go for a second shoot because I had an early morning the next day. I went anyways because… who knows the next time I will be in Iceland!

Truthfully I don’t have any tall tails of long hikes in the snow or crazy conditions. The accessibility of beauty in Iceland is unmatched in almost anywhere I’ve been. I even facetimed my Dad while I was there to share a little of the experience with him. The first night I was there I was completely alone which is expert advice for visiting Iceland in the summer. Drive around in the middle of the night! You get everything to yourself and the lighting is far better.

This is a 7 shot vertical pano that thankfully wasn’t too hard to stitch together. The difficult part is stitching together a second set to blend the sky in.

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Thank you!


Thanks Jeremy!