Mount shuksan sunrise

Last week I witnessed the most stunning sunrise/sunset I have ever seen over mount shuksan. This location is special to me because it was the first place I went when I started photography. For two years now I have travelled to this location countless times in hopes of capturing good light, but each time was met with either clear or dull overcast sky’s. Each failure left me more and more motivated to finally capture that elusive light. After 3 failed attempts this month I woke up on this morning after just 2 hours of sleep with 4 hours of sleep the previous night and made the 1.5 hour drive up the mountain. I arrived at the mountain and walked through the waste deep snow that forced me to crawl in spots. After 25 min of walking and crawling through the snow I found this spot and quickly set up my camera. 15 min later this amazing light show happens as the sky exploded in color making the 2 year wait o so worth it. Now I get 2 months of contentment until the spring flowers start to bloom and the obsession comes back as I try to capture a spring version....

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