Mount St Helens sunset

After a year of waiting to photograph the wildflowers at Mount St Helens, I finally got a chance and the sky exploded in color

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So rad! Those wildflowers are incredible.


Thanks! much appreciated 🙂

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Superb pic.

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after a year of waiting, not only the sky exploded for you but also your shot and this amazing landscape exploded our minds. well done

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Your style looks a lot like Ryan Dyar. Pretty cool!

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WOW is a understatement!

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Beautifully done!

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this is marvellous!

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Absolutly nice..

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Unlike most shots of this compositional style, I am loving how you've managed to connect the super-close foreground to the distant background quite nicely, with a very expansive mid-ground that visibly stretches out behind the nearest flowers. Very well-done! It's not easy to pick just the right camera height to get this to look right; too high and you lose the impact of the nearest flowers, but too low and all you have is a few in-your-face flowers and a mountain in the distance. Viewing this image full-screen is a real treat, thanks for sharing!


Thank you for the kind word, took me an hour to set up this composition. I nearly missed the best light cause I kept moving trying to find something I liked

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wow. Love taht pink tone in the sky and sun bloom. It feels like Geralt must be riding on the Roach somewhere near.

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Really nice image, i like it a lot...

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Woah! Beautifully done! I really love how the colors pop. I love this!

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Solid, but IMHO too much magenta