Valley Of The Gods

I’ve wanted to go here forever, so when putting together a list of location to visit on a 3 week road trip to utah this location was at the top of the list. The scramble up to this view is pretty sketchy during the day( hiking on the side of a cliff on loose rock) but the hike down in the pitch black makes you forget about how sketch it is during the day😜. Originally I had planned for this to be a basic star shot but while shooting light trails on the road I noticed the Milky Way arching perfectly over the landscape. The Milky Way arch was much to high to photograph so I decided to drop in a pano shot of the Milky Way that I took earlier in the year when the arch is lower. So although you can’t photograph the arch because of how high it is at this location this image does most accurately represent my memory of this night. Me standing on a sketchy cliff side while my friend drives up and down the road and the Milky Way arches above

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Great capture!