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Otzarreta Forest

May 22, 2018

Otzarreta Forest, located in the Basque Country, northern Spain, is a part of Gorbea Natural Park. This is an absolutely wonderful place to see in autumn when the trees change colours. The ground turns into a carpet of burnt orange leaves. These ancient trees mixed with a foggy atmosphere give this forest a mystical air.

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Nicole Jackson's picture

I agree! Those colors are lovely. It is kind of like looking at a 3d render of sorts. Like a video game or something. Very beautiful.

Grzegorz Piechowicz's picture

It a compliment for me, Nicole, thank you! It was intention to create a good feel of distance and your comparison to 3D image made me smile :-D

D. Bradford's picture

Phenomenal pic.

Ara H.'s picture

Wow! Beautiful color palette!

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This is just lovely.

Cristian Perotti's picture

I would really like to have this hung on my wall. I absolutely love everything in this image.

Patrick Noack's picture

Amazing colours...

Jean Dawkins's picture

great shot